Family Picture Night

We had to try to squeeze in some pictures of everyone before Derrick, Amanda and Ryan leave for Spain and last night was the night.

Of course some people were late and Ryan wasn’t in a great mood…….but I worked with what we had and got some okay pictures out of the deal.

There were a million tiny fish right by shore that were swarming and being attacked by larger fish and the kids thought it was awesome fun to watch.  And it was a gorgeous evening.  Simply beautiful.


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And I’m Back………


No….really…..I’m not even joking this time.  Well, at least I don’t think so.

So what have I been up to the last 6 months?  Oh it’s been awesome!!  I’ve spent tons of time at home, cleaned and organized my house, scrubbed my kitchen from bottom to top, stayed up late, snuggled, slept in late, cut the grass, spoiled my cats, watched a ton of Netflix, went on road trips, traveled to Garner twice among other things.

The only real downside of the last six months?  My bank account which wasn’t so fond of my life of leisure.  And when your bank account isn’t happy then you generally aren’t so happy.

So eventually I rolled up my sleeves and got a teeny bit serious about finding a job and luckily found one before my checks from the state stopped.  I’m back working and so far it’s okay.  Much less stress, a bit less money for now but it’s something at least.

So it’s back to life as usual………And I promise to get back to blogging again at least semi-regularlly.  But here are a few pictures from my time away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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The Easter Bunny Loves Me!

18879164-Cute-rabbit-with-easter-egg-Stock-Vector-easter-bunny-cartoonThe old adage that all appliances break at the same time certainly seems to be true in our case. Last month I made a list of everything that wasn’t working at all or not properly and it was as follows:
Lawn Mower
Washing Machine
In case you are curious that means we were working around almost everything. I replaced the microwave a few weeks ago but this weekend we hit the mother load!
New stove and oven (Self cleaning at that!!!)
New Dishwasher
Washing Machine
That means for the first time in longer than I care to think about everything in the house is working!!! O M G!!!!!!!!

While Edward is most excited about his fancy new lawnmower–I’m torn, I can’t decide which I am most excited about but I know I will use all of them!

Pretty awesome Easter!    Hope your Easter was great!


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PTL Spring Break Is Over!

12494922_10156688134770191_516888708057009414_nYeah I know that sounds weird but I had three of the grandkids hanging with me all last week. Oh my goodness……….they ran me utterly ragged! By Friday we finally started to find a routine but of course by then spring break was finished.

The cats of course hid out while they were around and didn’t emerge until everyone had left. We played games, read books and watched a while bunch of Netflix movies. (Thank God for Netflix!)

In other exciting news Rascal got his stitches out on Friday! Woohoooo! The vet thinks were are through the biggest risk and he should be fine but in the meantime we are keeping him close to home.

Sunday was Emily’s 3rd birthday party! We bought her the Paw Patrol shirt to wear.

This week we are back to our regular schedule which includes lots of naps……Unfortunately it is also allergy season which has me feeling pretty yucky thanks to itchy eyes, scratchy throat, stuff nose among other fun things. And all the wind we have been having isn’t helping at all either.

In some fun news we are getting a new stove and dishwasher this weekend!  Yay for having more than 1 burner that works and not having to hand wash everything so the dishwasher won’t leak all over the floor.  🙂


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Another Bluebonnet Trip

I struggled through a stomach bug last Thursday and Friday…..ugh….I haven’t had a flu like that in years and years and years and years. I can’t say I have missed it.

Adding insure to injury I managed to throw out my back while being sick.  (Or is that adding injury to insult……..)  So in addition to a upset stomach I got to have a very painful back.  Not fun.  So very not fun.

Even though I had to miss Edward’s Friday night football game I was thankfully recovered by Saturday morning. (Well except for my back which is still giving me issues) Just in time for another trip to look for flowers.

First stop was Goliad for market days and the weather was perfect.  FAR better than our last trip in December when it drizzled the whole time.  After lunch it was the the long way home looking for wildflowers.  Out best score was at a remote cemetary loaded with blooms.  I spent a long time on my knees taking pictures while we enjoyed the day.  Topped it off with stops at a couple of antique stores and it was pretty close to a perfect day!

Now it’s time for Spring Break!!!!

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Ok Vacation Is Over

I took a bit of break the early part of the year from blogging.  Not sure exactly why but I did–but I kind of miss having the record of what we have been up to, even when it isn’t very much so I guess it’s time to get back into it.

Last weekend was Edward’s secret trip weekend.  He loves to plan things and not fill me in on exactly what we are doing.  It used to drive me crazy but now I know that he likes to surprise me so I have learned to relax and enjoy the ride!

So we loaded up the truck and headed out on a road trip.  We ended Friday in Gonzales Texas and then spent Saturday working our way down to Corpus Christi State Park for the evening.  Thank goodness Edward is happy to stop the truck many times so I can take pretty pictures!

The flowers are blooming and we had a great weekend together!

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The Best Part Of My Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you had enough time with the people you love and enough time of serenity to enjoy the holiday!

I’m going to write about the best part of the holiday for me and it’s a bit surprising. It’s not the wonderful gift my babe gave me (although I am feeling kind of spoiled), or the candlelight church service or the fun and excitement of having everyone here Christmas morning (Although that was awesome) or how grownup Lillyanna looked on Christmas day in her dress and new boots.   Nope….mine happened on Christmas Eve in a non-discript strip mall packed with holiday traffic.

Wednesday evening I was at the grocery store about 10 pm buying the provisions we needed for brunch….trying to beat the crowd by shopping in off peak times.  I was also making a long list of things that had to be done in the next 18 hours.   There was a lot!  Overwhelming amount of work even. 

While I was there I got a text from Vanessa asking if we could watch the kids the next day.

I’ll be honest…..my reaction wasn’t a happy one. I had WAY too much to do on Thursday and the kids would make a mess and I wanted to get a pedicure and……..darn it that would mess up my plans.  I mean, forget about relaxing! 

I considered pretending I hadn’t seen the text at all.  I mean it’s possible………I have forgotten my phone at work at least twice the last couple of weeks. 

But then I remembered…..I remembered the clerk at WalMart a couple of weeks ago who commented when I was buying stuff to make cookies. I told her the grandkids were coming over to help bake and she said I was so lucky. That her grandkids lived far away and always had and she didn’t really ‘know’ them. And I remembered that it wasn’t so many years ago that I would have given my right arm (and probably a leg) to get to spend time with them on Christmas Eve.

So I said yes.  

Christmas eve was chaotic at the house but between getting up early and with the kids help (cough, cough) I got everything pretty much done  (there may have been bribes) and then I told the girls we could go get mani/pedi’s. (David stayed home with Grandpa)

It was amazing!

Giulianna was especially so excited and enthusiastic about everything! From the water bubbles on her toes to it changing colors to picking out her colors (I gave them free reign) so just everything……..so just a bubbly, excited, well behaved and just a joy to watch. 

Lillyanna was pretty excited too but she is older and a bit more reserved.

I just sat and watched them. And it wasn’t just me, other ladies getting their nails done were as entranced watching them as I was.  The guy who worked with Giuli was so good with her and made it a really great experience.

As the young ones say…it gave me the feels.

And in the end that is what the season is really about and my favorite gift. Spending time and creating special moments with the ones we love. Thank you to Lilly and Giuli for giving me that wonderful gift.  And thank you to that Wal-Mart clerk for reminding me what a blessing it is to get to be an active part of their lives.  I couldn’t really ask for more. Who knows, maybe it will be a new tradition!

christmas nails

David stayed with grandpa while we had our nails done. What grandpa didn’t know was David had found the old Halloween candy in the cabinet in the kitchen. He said David kept disappearing and coming back and saying his hands were sticky. Well, they were sticky because he was stuffing himself with candy……lol.

  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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Christmas Time

The biggest reason I keep up with this blog at all is that it helps remember the funny, sweet, exciting and even boring things in our life. I enjoy being able to go back and review things. It’s nice to have.

So I’ll catch up on a few things from the past weeks…..

One evening we had Lilly, Giuli and David over to watch the Flour Bluff Santa come through our neighborhood and make Christmas cookies. As always it was chaos with sprinkles and and flour everywhere but the kids had a blast.

After the cookies were finished the kids start scoping out the gifts under the tree and trying to guess what was in each one. Giuli shook one of hers and yelled “I GOT AN I PAD”!!!! David shook his and yelled “I GOT SOMETHING”!!!!! Hahahahah those crazy kids.

Then Giuli pointed at the angel on top of the tree and said “Grandma how did you get that tooth fairy way up there?” We all about died laughing….silly girl!

Then one weekend we took a trip to Goliad for market days and Patsy, Vanessa and the kids joined us. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but it was still a nice day.
We stopped at the Mission La Bahia on the way home and it was so lovely. The kids enjoyed the chapel and it was a nice end to the day.
Then I had the opportunity of taking the girls to see The Nutcracker………It was so fun to get to experience it with them. Giuli sat on my lap so she could see and once the Sugar Plum Fairies started coming out she leaned back and whispered “How many Tooth Fairies are there????” Hahahahaha!

Then this weekend Edward and I took an evening and went and look at the Christmas lights. What a fun evening!



I’m sure there is more that I have missed but that catches you up. Christmas shopping is done, almost everything has been delivered and we are ready for Christmas to arrive.

Merry Christmas!

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Hello December!

The most wonderful month of the year!    

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The Christmas Countdown Is On


And Thanksgiving weekend draws to an end.  We had a busy but very nice one.

Thursday I managed to get out of work early which was a good thing, even though we weren’t having a huge dinner there was still a lot to do.  Susan and Gracie got to the house before dinner.  Rudi was, of course thrilled to see Gracie and they provided endless amusement.  Then funniest was when Gracie tried to get a toy out of the cats basket and managed to get it hooked on her collar.  The panic as she ran across the room with toys being flug out of the basket all over was hysterical!IMG_2328

We decided to smoke our turkey this year so it went in the smoker when we went to bed and it was ready by morning.  That meant we didn’t have to get up early!  Always a plus in my books.

Thanksgiving was a lovely day.  We watched movies, drank cocktails, laughed, ate too much and relaxed.  It was almost perfect.

There were no real plans for the day after Thanksgiving so Susan and I went to have manicures and pedicures.  I desperately needed a pedicure and I had been working hard to grow my nails out and they needed some attention.  I was very pleasantly surprised when they only had to put tips on three nails.  Everything else is all mine and ready for the holidays.

I haven’t had my nails done in several years now and I have forgotten how much I like it.


That evening we went to the movies to see “The Night Before”.  OMG what a hysterical movie!  We laughed so much and it was a great way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.

Saturday arrived with a good cold front just in time for Super Bowl Saturday at CCYFL.  Edward and Susan took the truck the fields early to get a good spot along the fence.  We got everyone cleaned up and Susan and Gracie dropped us off on the way out of town.   It was very nice to have a warm spot out of the drizzle.

The JV 49ers came in as underdogs to this came it was a tight back and forth struggle that ended in a tie at the end of regulation.  In overtime Edward caught a beautiful pass that resulted in a 49er victory!  We are so proud of Edward and Emilio for their great play.  What a blessing to get to play at least one year together.

Saturday afternoon we started setting up the house for Christmas and it resulted in being a very frustrating event.  The lights on the tree didn’t work and half of the other lights we use didn’t work either.  Arghhhhhh…and I managed to break one of the houses to my village.   I was beyond antagonized but it was finally finished by late Sunday night and once I got to sit down, put on a Christmas movie and look at it I remembered why it was all worth it.

Christmas is here in all it’s glory and I can’t wait. I bought tickets to the ballet to see the Nutcracker for Vanessa, Lillly and Giuli and me in a few weeks and I can’t wait to take them!  Most of the shopping is under control and once I get some sugar cookies made Edward will be happy.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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