PTL Spring Break Is Over!

12494922_10156688134770191_516888708057009414_nYeah I know that sounds weird but I had three of the grandkids hanging with me all last week. Oh my goodness……….they ran me utterly ragged! By Friday we finally started to find a routine but of course by then spring break was finished.

The cats of course hid out while they were around and didn’t emerge until everyone had left. We played games, read books and watched a while bunch of Netflix movies. (Thank God for Netflix!)

In other exciting news Rascal got his stitches out on Friday! Woohoooo! The vet thinks were are through the biggest risk and he should be fine but in the meantime we are keeping him close to home.

Sunday was Emily’s 3rd birthday party! We bought her the Paw Patrol shirt to wear.

This week we are back to our regular schedule which includes lots of naps……Unfortunately it is also allergy season which has me feeling pretty yucky thanks to itchy eyes, scratchy throat, stuff nose among other fun things. And all the wind we have been having isn’t helping at all either.

In some fun news we are getting a new stove and dishwasher this weekend!  Yay for having more than 1 burner that works and not having to hand wash everything so the dishwasher won’t leak all over the floor.  🙂


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