Week 14

imagesM8UBKIV5Happy end of week 14 to all!


It wasn’t a good weigh in week for me.  It was a perfect storm of muscle soreness, water retention and oh yeah, Easter.  God bless peanut butter eggs, ham and mashed potatoes.  I didn’t think I ate THAT much but the scale seriously disagreed and as hard as I worked during the week it just wouldn’t budge.

So this week it’s time to step up the workouts again.  One problem I have had is that while I may plan to workout after work there are too many days when something comes up that changes the plan.  Like Thursday we got a text from Vanessa that Lilly had a kickball game at 6:30.  Then while we were at that game we found out Emilio had a baseball game at 7:30.  Cross working out off the list! And since I had skipped Wednesday because I was so sore and I never seem to work out on Friday evenings that made 3 days without a workout.  Not a good plan.

So this next week I am going to get up (at a crazy early hour of the morning) go to the gym and work out before work.  Since I can shower and get ready in about 15 minutes it should be fine.  The only thing I’m worried about it packing lunches and making breakfast.  We will see how it all works out.

One good NSV happened this week though…..someone (who didn’t know I was on a diet or anything) actually noticed and commented that I had lost weight at Lilly’s kickball game!!!!!!!  That is always an awesome feeling.  But then she asked that ‘plan’ I was doing and just laughed when I said I had given up eating.  That is kind of the truth.  We aren’t doing any plan just making better choices and moving more.

Edward looks sooooo much smaller.  He got some new more fitted workout shirts and at dinner Friday he looked so much smaller.  It’s awesome!  I don’t think I look much smaller but I am fitting into my skinny fat clothes!



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