Week 8


Another good loss this week! In fact I haven’t had a gain yet week over week. 😊  (We also weigh in on the first of the  month although it isn’t a ‘real’ weigh in.  On Feb 1st I was down more than I was down on the official weigh in for the week.  So in my head that was a gain but it wasn’t really. )

There is a story about this shirt. I bought it several years ago without trying it on (Story of my life) . It was too small and I intended to return it but never got around to it. (Again story of my life). So it hung in my closet. And hung. And hung.

Last night Edward reminded me about the pancake breakfast at Whataburger raising money for the American Cancer Society and he wanted us to wear purple shirts for #teamdave. I knew I had short sleeved shirts but it was kind of chilly and I wanted something with sleeves.  I walked into the closet and there was this shirt in all it’s purple glory.  I pulled it on and it fit.  Completely fit!!  I love closet shopping!

I have also discovered that I can now remove some pairs of jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping.  🙂  That’s kind of hot!


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