How Are We Losing Weight

Both Edward and I lost 100 lbs. on Weight Watchers 10 years ago.  It really worked well for us and we learned a lot.  Obviously we fell off the Weight Watcher band wagon at some point.  For me it was the change to the Points Plus program.  I just couldn’t rewire my brain to relearn what I knew the points values for certain foods were.

The shame of gaining weight is a big deal.  It makes starting so difficult…..somehow when I start losing weight I would really see how awfully out of control I had allowed myself to get.  It is painful to walk through and hard to forgive.  I hope I have managed to do that this time because the mental part of this is more difficult than the not eating part.


So what ARE we doing?

Move at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Set goals to keep motivated.

Eat real food and trying to reduce processed foods.  Diet sodas are really reduced in our diet.  I have maybe one a week and Edward has one a day.

Eat smaller portions increasing vegetables and reducing refined carbs.

Calories are not all the same.  Focus on eating natural foods instead of processed.  Read labels and think about what goes into your body.

Only eat food that you really like.  If you don’t like it then don’t eat it no matter how healthy it is supposed to be.

Eat on a regular basis.  I eat about every 2 – 3 hours,

Drink less alcohol.

Make room for a portion controlled sweet treat on a regular basis.  We have individual ice creams or one square of a good chocolate.

We don’t have ‘cheat meals’.  There are days when we eat more than usual but it’s not a cheat meal it’s just life.  We try to be conscious of that fact.  The trick is that bigger meals have to be balanced with more reduced days.

And most importantly…..One Day At A Time.




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