Week 10

untitled This week was a reminder in how I have to look at this weight loss thing in a big picture sense.  Not small picture.  It was not a stellar weigh in week…….not because I did anything ‘wrong’ but because my body is that the point where it just needs to take a breath.  Since I’m down a decent chunk it isn’t a surprise.

I am taking comfort in the fact that these things happen and if I look at the big picture I am still doing an amazing job.  Here is a close up picture of my weight loss graph for the last month. All of the downs and up look like really big deals!

But when I look a the full graph showing how far I have to go all of the ups and downs really flatten out and become almost meaningless.

IMG_7710It’s all about looking at the big picture.  Something I have to remind myself of often.  Very often.  So very often.

I really had intended to start walking last week but it was cold, rainy and yucky. And don’t forget the stupid time change!   In the mornings I didn’t want to get out of bed and when I got home I just wanted to warm up under a blanket and NOT on the treadmill but this next week will be no excuses.

Onward and downward!

Ps of course this morning I stepped on the scale just out of curiosity and I was down 1.3 lbs from yesterday. My body is just being a jerk. 😄But then Edward and I spent the day eating and drinking our way across South Texas so I’m sure that loss will be gone by Sunday morning.  Certainly eating more than we have had in one day all year. But it was totally worth it!

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