Losing Apple-y Ever After

January 1, 2015 I was forced on the scale to confront a horrifying number. Seriously horrifying

10 years ago Edward and I both lost 100 lbs. An.d kept it off for a while but eventually the weight started coming back on. Those poor lifestyle choices don’t just go away overnight and it takes dedication. We kind of failed at both. I wish I could say I enjoyed eating and drinking anything I wanted but I didn’t really.

I’ve tried a bunch of times to get back on track but the switch just wouldn’t flip. I guess the good news was I kept trying.

Somehow the switch flipped. I was ready to do it. So here we go………official weigh ins are on Friday mornings but we will also weigh in on the first of the month just for a month over month loss. We’d like to get at least close to our goals by the end of the year but even if we don’t we will be better than we were.

I’m going to try to post a picture every week. If I have any remarkable insights I might share but mostly these pictures are for me.

So here we go……….

After losing 100 lbs and before regaining a bunch

After losing 100 lbs and before regaining a bunch

After or before........

After or before……..


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