Week 17

Week 17 and the first of May arrived on the same day so only one weigh in this week. In the month of April I only managed to lose 3.3 lbs. After 16 lbs the first month and 6+ lbs a month in February and March it is disappointing but at least the scale is moving again. And in the correct direction!

I did some closet shopping in the last week. I currently have 13 pairs of capri pants that fit me right now, some are looser and some are more fitted but I can wear all of them. In about 10 lbs I’m going to start having some issues though. In fact when I came home from work on Friday Edward told me that the jeans I was wearing looked really baggy. Really? Just because they are skinny jeans and I can pull them down without unbuttoning them? Ok maybe a bit baggy.

I bought a maxi dress right before Valentine’s Day from Old Navy that I was going to wear for our weekend away but then I found something different because Edward wanted me to wear my cowboy boots. Last weekend I thought I should wear that dress before it got to be too big……..too late! I perfectly new dress that I can’t wear. I hope the dress I am wearing to Lilly’s first communion still fits in a couple of weeks.


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