Christmas Time

The biggest reason I keep up with this blog at all is that it helps remember the funny, sweet, exciting and even boring things in our life. I enjoy being able to go back and review things. It’s nice to have.

So I’ll catch up on a few things from the past weeks…..

One evening we had Lilly, Giuli and David over to watch the Flour Bluff Santa come through our neighborhood and make Christmas cookies. As always it was chaos with sprinkles and and flour everywhere but the kids had a blast.

After the cookies were finished the kids start scoping out the gifts under the tree and trying to guess what was in each one. Giuli shook one of hers and yelled “I GOT AN I PAD”!!!! David shook his and yelled “I GOT SOMETHING”!!!!! Hahahahah those crazy kids.

Then Giuli pointed at the angel on top of the tree and said “Grandma how did you get that tooth fairy way up there?” We all about died laughing….silly girl!

Then one weekend we took a trip to Goliad for market days and Patsy, Vanessa and the kids joined us. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but it was still a nice day.
We stopped at the Mission La Bahia on the way home and it was so lovely. The kids enjoyed the chapel and it was a nice end to the day.
Then I had the opportunity of taking the girls to see The Nutcracker………It was so fun to get to experience it with them. Giuli sat on my lap so she could see and once the Sugar Plum Fairies started coming out she leaned back and whispered “How many Tooth Fairies are there????” Hahahahaha!

Then this weekend Edward and I took an evening and went and look at the Christmas lights. What a fun evening!



I’m sure there is more that I have missed but that catches you up. Christmas shopping is done, almost everything has been delivered and we are ready for Christmas to arrive.

Merry Christmas!

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