The Best Part Of My Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you had enough time with the people you love and enough time of serenity to enjoy the holiday!

I’m going to write about the best part of the holiday for me and it’s a bit surprising. It’s not the wonderful gift my babe gave me (although I am feeling kind of spoiled), or the candlelight church service or the fun and excitement of having everyone here Christmas morning (Although that was awesome) or how grownup Lillyanna looked on Christmas day in her dress and new boots.   Nope….mine happened on Christmas Eve in a non-discript strip mall packed with holiday traffic.

Wednesday evening I was at the grocery store about 10 pm buying the provisions we needed for brunch….trying to beat the crowd by shopping in off peak times.  I was also making a long list of things that had to be done in the next 18 hours.   There was a lot!  Overwhelming amount of work even. 

While I was there I got a text from Vanessa asking if we could watch the kids the next day.

I’ll be honest… reaction wasn’t a happy one. I had WAY too much to do on Thursday and the kids would make a mess and I wanted to get a pedicure and……..darn it that would mess up my plans.  I mean, forget about relaxing! 

I considered pretending I hadn’t seen the text at all.  I mean it’s possible………I have forgotten my phone at work at least twice the last couple of weeks. 

But then I remembered…..I remembered the clerk at WalMart a couple of weeks ago who commented when I was buying stuff to make cookies. I told her the grandkids were coming over to help bake and she said I was so lucky. That her grandkids lived far away and always had and she didn’t really ‘know’ them. And I remembered that it wasn’t so many years ago that I would have given my right arm (and probably a leg) to get to spend time with them on Christmas Eve.

So I said yes.  

Christmas eve was chaotic at the house but between getting up early and with the kids help (cough, cough) I got everything pretty much done  (there may have been bribes) and then I told the girls we could go get mani/pedi’s. (David stayed home with Grandpa)

It was amazing!

Giulianna was especially so excited and enthusiastic about everything! From the water bubbles on her toes to it changing colors to picking out her colors (I gave them free reign) so just everything…… just a bubbly, excited, well behaved and just a joy to watch. 

Lillyanna was pretty excited too but she is older and a bit more reserved.

I just sat and watched them. And it wasn’t just me, other ladies getting their nails done were as entranced watching them as I was.  The guy who worked with Giuli was so good with her and made it a really great experience.

As the young ones say…it gave me the feels.

And in the end that is what the season is really about and my favorite gift. Spending time and creating special moments with the ones we love. Thank you to Lilly and Giuli for giving me that wonderful gift.  And thank you to that Wal-Mart clerk for reminding me what a blessing it is to get to be an active part of their lives.  I couldn’t really ask for more. Who knows, maybe it will be a new tradition!

christmas nails

David stayed with grandpa while we had our nails done. What grandpa didn’t know was David had found the old Halloween candy in the cabinet in the kitchen. He said David kept disappearing and coming back and saying his hands were sticky. Well, they were sticky because he was stuffing himself with candy……lol.

  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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