Happy Mothers Day!

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day weekend!

Friday night we went to the ballgame with some friends. It was a fun evening catching up with some people we hadn’t seen in a while. It was a nice night for a ballgame too.

I have found this year that I like apple ale which is kind of a beer so there is even (expensive) stuff to drink for me. And fireworks to finish the night.

Saturday morning we met them for breakfast before starting out on our errands. I had been promised a nap but between trips to Walmart, haircuts and the bank and then replacing wipers and a headlight on my car there wasn’t much napping to be done.

Sunday Edward wanted to go to the beach for the sunrise and then breakfast but the weather wasn’t cooperating. I checked before dawn and the wind was howling and the clouds were thick. So back to bed we went! When we got up we went out for breakfast and ran into our friends again!!!! Three days in a row.

I got lovely flowers and snuggles for Mothers Day which was very nice.11011053_10153323878455909_1194584106835046310_nAs usual the weekend went too fast and I’m pretty bummed. This week we are back to working out after a week off. So I’m off to bed too early again. Yuck!

Have a great week!

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