The Christmas Countdown Is On


And Thanksgiving weekend draws to an end.  We had a busy but very nice one.

Thursday I managed to get out of work early which was a good thing, even though we weren’t having a huge dinner there was still a lot to do.  Susan and Gracie got to the house before dinner.  Rudi was, of course thrilled to see Gracie and they provided endless amusement.  Then funniest was when Gracie tried to get a toy out of the cats basket and managed to get it hooked on her collar.  The panic as she ran across the room with toys being flug out of the basket all over was hysterical!IMG_2328

We decided to smoke our turkey this year so it went in the smoker when we went to bed and it was ready by morning.  That meant we didn’t have to get up early!  Always a plus in my books.

Thanksgiving was a lovely day.  We watched movies, drank cocktails, laughed, ate too much and relaxed.  It was almost perfect.

There were no real plans for the day after Thanksgiving so Susan and I went to have manicures and pedicures.  I desperately needed a pedicure and I had been working hard to grow my nails out and they needed some attention.  I was very pleasantly surprised when they only had to put tips on three nails.  Everything else is all mine and ready for the holidays.

I haven’t had my nails done in several years now and I have forgotten how much I like it.


That evening we went to the movies to see “The Night Before”.  OMG what a hysterical movie!  We laughed so much and it was a great way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.

Saturday arrived with a good cold front just in time for Super Bowl Saturday at CCYFL.  Edward and Susan took the truck the fields early to get a good spot along the fence.  We got everyone cleaned up and Susan and Gracie dropped us off on the way out of town.   It was very nice to have a warm spot out of the drizzle.

The JV 49ers came in as underdogs to this came it was a tight back and forth struggle that ended in a tie at the end of regulation.  In overtime Edward caught a beautiful pass that resulted in a 49er victory!  We are so proud of Edward and Emilio for their great play.  What a blessing to get to play at least one year together.

Saturday afternoon we started setting up the house for Christmas and it resulted in being a very frustrating event.  The lights on the tree didn’t work and half of the other lights we use didn’t work either.  Arghhhhhh…and I managed to break one of the houses to my village.   I was beyond antagonized but it was finally finished by late Sunday night and once I got to sit down, put on a Christmas movie and look at it I remembered why it was all worth it.

Christmas is here in all it’s glory and I can’t wait. I bought tickets to the ballet to see the Nutcracker for Vanessa, Lillly and Giuli and me in a few weeks and I can’t wait to take them!  Most of the shopping is under control and once I get some sugar cookies made Edward will be happy.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Superbowl Bound!

We started Friday evening with a quick dinner out and then off to the movies for opening day of the Hungar Games movie. It was packed but we got there early enough to make sure we could get an aisle seat.IMG_2272Saturday started hot and muggy.  I dropped Edward off at football and ran to the grocery store for supplies for caldo.  By the time the soup was in the crockpot I headed back to the football field for Edward and Emilio’s playoff football game.  As I left the house I could see the much heralded cold front coming in all its glory!

It was 80 degrees when I left the house and by the time I got to the fields it was 69 and spitting rain.  No one had given the 49ers a chance in the world of beating the undefeated Packers but……..


They DID!  It was a hard fought game and a real nail bitter in the last few minutes but they did it!  So next Saturday we will be in the stands rooting on Edward and Emilio for the Championship!IMG_2292

They were all soooo excited and proud of their win.  Of course Lilly and Giuli were at the game and insisted on coming with me afterwards.  That was fine since it was a short day so we headed to Whataburger to get them some lunch and home to watch Christmas movies, discuss their Christmas lists and clean up the house a little.

Giuli is such a character.  She knows the answers to everything! Lilly said she wanted some shoes or boots for Christmas so I asked what size she wore.  She said “13” and Giuli yelled….NO you wear a 1 and I wear a 9 and David wears a 7!  Lol.

Giuli wants this Unicorn they have at Walmart that is somehow magical.  As far as I can tell it’s greatest magic is that it makes people pay $100 for it.  For a toy!  Back in my day kids got……well, expensive video game systems but I digress.

IMG_2295It sure felt good to come home to a hot bowl of caldo and some warm blankets.  We even got to use our down comforter and snuggle!


Spooky was fed up with the constant fights between Rudi and Rascal and decided to play blocker.

Spooky was fed up with the constant fights between Rudi and Rascal and decided to play blocker.

Somehow I managed to hurt my knees on Saturday climbing the bleachers so that put a damper on Sunday. I didn’t get nearly the housework completed that I wanted. Although Lilly did say “why do you say your house is messy when it isn’t?” Lol……trust me Lilly it is messy and I have to do Christmas decorations next weekend which is always a huge job!
I do feel a little better about Christmas now that I know what we are getting all of the grandkids.  I’ve even ordered about half of it!!  I might make it without having to go to a store! God bless Zulily and   I’m also going to order tickets this week to take Lilly and Giuli to see Nutcracker. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful holiday!

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parisThis seems so appropriate these days. There is so much pain, anger and fear in our world.  The only control we gave us of ourselves. We decide if we give the power to hate or to love.
I choose love.

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Our Weekend In Pictures

IMG_2191 IMG_2181 IMG_2192 IMG_2196 IMG_2225 IMG_2205 IMG_2217 IMG_2231 IMG_2242

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Ultimate ShEmily Weekend

IMG_0264The weekend finally arrived….the weekend we have been thinking about for the last year plus some!

Friday night started with another trip to the mall to pickup their gift. It’s special because Edward hates the mall. Since we were there I dragged him all over!  He had a blast…  I even got stocked up on my Bath and Body shower stuff for the holidays!  Continuing our trend last week we had dinner out yet again, this time at Grimaldis. It was ok but it took a long time to get our food.

 Saturday morning we woke up to a lot of rain.  Relentless rain.  Edward went to football for the first three games and i stayed home relaxing and packing for our evening away.

Shane and Emily were married on Saturday afternoon at Mansion By The Sea in Aransas Pass.  This was the venue that Susan and I fell in love with the minute we walked through the door.

The weather didn’t cooperate for an outdoor ceremony…..while the rain had stopped the winds were howling so it was an easy decision to keep the ceremony inside.  Everything looked so lovely including the bride and the mother of the bride! Simply gorgous!
IMG_0272SCAN0001 IMG_0281 IMG_0285 IMG_0313
We had a really awesome time spending time with friends, laughing, eating, dancing and enjoying the night.

Plus Edward and I don’t get all dressed up too often….in fact I’m pretty sure this is the first time he has worn a coat when we went out so it was a special occasion! And I didn’t kill myself on my fancy shiny super high heels either!
Added bonus the cupcakes were AMAZING!!! I wish I had room to eat several more because I couldn’t even try all of the flavors. Hands down the red velvet was our favorite!

We rented a hotel room in Port Aransas to save us the trip home so after the wedding festivities we got to go to the house they had rented for a while. Everyone was pretty tired and getting sore from all of the dancing so it wasn’t too long before we headed to the hotel and crashed!IMG_2120

Sunday morning we woke up to sunny skies and wonderful temperatures. Even the wind had calmed down. Darn it that cold front couldn’t have come through 24 hours earlier.
I took a shower and when I got out Edward had the ironing board and was busy ironing my blue jeans. He said they were too wrinkled……lol……ok honey. With my crisp jeans we went to breakfast before going home. The cats were pretty annoyed with us for leaving them for sooooo long.

Wrapping up the weekend we unpacked and went to see “Bridge of Spies”. Excellent movie and a good way to finish up a very busy and fast weekend. Wayyy too fast.  Sigh………next weekend won’t be quite as fun.  They will be making up football games that were cancelled a few weeks ago so Edward will be busy on Saturday and Sunday.  Oh well…….I’m sure I can keep myself busy.  🙂

Have a great week!

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Just Another Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!  I had a really awesome weekend….mostly because I walked out of work on Friday actually feeling almost caught up and not drowning under a mountain of work yet to do for the first time since before I left on vacation at the end of August.  I even finally got my items flagged for follow up down to a reasonable level which is saying something since I had been as high as almost 250 items.  Ugh……now I hope that it lasts into the next week!

IMG_2037 IMG_2052

Of course Saturday was another football day.  Ugh……I did manage to fit in a much needed pedicure in preparation for the big weekend we have coming up!  Of course just my luck I managed to mess up a toe not just once but TWICE before I got home but I think it’s going to be ok with my sparkly shoes.  My new dress is ready and my fancy wrap even arrived in time.  The only thing I haven’t decided is what earrings to wear but that’s a pretty little thing all things considered.


Edward spent all day at the football fields and by the time we got home we had missed the bulk of trick or treaters at our house.  Which was ok…..more left overs for us!  🙂  But the cute kids who did come by got big handfulls of candy!

But I don’t think I will in a hundred years get used to it being hot and humid on Halloween. It was always cold when my kids were little…..even when I was little.  In fact the family tradition was beef stew before we all went out.  I’ll just say beef stew was out but this year I did decide to make chili even if it wasn’t cold.

All of the granddaughters were butterflies this year and the boys ranged from Ninjas, to Spiderman to a very handsome pirate!

IMG_2069-0 IMG_2068-0 IMG_2067-0 IMG_206612065869_10206733325044461_8472619027747245977_nI do love FALL BACK Sunday.  It’s pretty awesome to actually feel caught up on sleep for a couple minutes and somehow it makes the weekend feel so much longer.

Of course the cats don’t recognize the fall back.  Rudi was in trying and trying to wake us up until finally Mommacat decided to show her hot it’s done.  She jumped on the bed and stomped right on top of us and flopped down hard and laid there looking at us.  Like, ok enough laying around it’s time to get up for breakfast.

Sunday was a busy day–the decorating switch over from Halloween to Thanksgiving is a fast one.  I didn’t think I had that much Halloween stuff out but it still took a bit to get it done.  Then we spent the afternoon working on a work project for Edward.  Lucky for him I’m an Excel wizard…..hee hee.

In other news somehow Spooky has hurt the leg she broke last winter again.  She is limping on it but still being weight so hopefully it’s just a little tweak that will get better quickly.  Plus she is a perfectly good mood loving pets.   In the meantime we are trying to convince her to spend more time inside.

So back getting things ready for work tomorrow!  Have a great week everyone!

Sunflower p

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Hello November!

1ec4141684cc498cfb7d26156d01680bMy favorite seasons of the year are starting!  And I’m even ok with Christmas Carols everywhere!  Although I don’t think I have seen a Christmas commercial yet which seems a bit later than usual.

Happy November!

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Happy Halloween!

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Happy National Cat Day!

We are blessed to she our home with three or four cats. (Rascal had mostly moved in with the cat lady down the street preferring an only cat home to ours with the mean girls). They always amuse and entertain us.  Each has a strong personality and they let us know what they like and what they don’t.

the boss of the house. Snuggles with Edward are her favorite

Spooky is the muscle. she know who she liked (mommacat) and who she doesnt (everyone else). She. loves pets but only on her terms.

Rudi is our baby who lives to rough house and play with anything! dogs included. She also is a pro at waking me up by headbutting and nibbling on my fingers.

Our little scardy cat but he is a huge love when he feels safe. These days he mostly stays with the older neighbors where is a happy only cat.

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A Pretty Perfect Weekend

For the past week we heard dire warnings about the giant rain event we would be seeing last week.  Dire warning.   So we prepared…….bought extra wine and scoured my Pinterest board for yummy foods to cook and made sure the comfy jammies were clean.

Baby David came over on Friday evening to get his birthday gift.  He loved the Charlie Brown shirt and his very own set of bristle blocks.  They also ate ice cream and found the tootsie rolls we had hidden.

IMG_1956 IMG_1960 IMG_1967Susan also arrived Friday night for the weekend with Gracie in tow.  Rudi was very excited to see Gracie and play catchup.

The rain finally started early Saturday morning.  It looked like all of the football games would be cancelled but they ended up playing a couple.  So we had to get up early and get breakfast cooking.  I made the eggs benedict casserole which is awesome and always a big hit!

IMG_1970Then Susan and I got busy with our big plans for Saturday.  Staying in our jammies, taking naps and watching Netflix. We did a massive binge session on “Jane The Virgin” which was pretty funny.  I did make home made cinnamon rolls too but all in all it was a very relaxing restful day.   Oh and there might have been day drinking too.IMG_1972

Honestly a pretty great day.  Dinner was a shrimp boil and more movies and drinks………pretty great.

We got a little over 3″ of rain at our house which is a far cry from the 7″ they had been talking about but we were happy with our decision to hunker down at home and stay safe.

Sunday morning was blueberry French toast bake…another crowd favorite and then Susan packed up to get ready to head home.  Less than two weeks now to the wedding so we will see her soon!  A cool front came through over night and we actually got to open up the windows for the first time since spring!  I love love love when we can open the windows!


More naps in the afternoon and football.  I had announced in the morning I wasn’t cooking anything else this weekend but in the end I made Edward’s favorite meal of meatloaf to finish the weekend.  I think I will go into next week feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Time to chill a bit more before the weekend is over.  Have a great Monday!

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