Superbowl Bound!

We started Friday evening with a quick dinner out and then off to the movies for opening day of the Hungar Games movie. It was packed but we got there early enough to make sure we could get an aisle seat.IMG_2272Saturday started hot and muggy.  I dropped Edward off at football and ran to the grocery store for supplies for caldo.  By the time the soup was in the crockpot I headed back to the football field for Edward and Emilio’s playoff football game.  As I left the house I could see the much heralded cold front coming in all its glory!

It was 80 degrees when I left the house and by the time I got to the fields it was 69 and spitting rain.  No one had given the 49ers a chance in the world of beating the undefeated Packers but……..


They DID!  It was a hard fought game and a real nail bitter in the last few minutes but they did it!  So next Saturday we will be in the stands rooting on Edward and Emilio for the Championship!IMG_2292

They were all soooo excited and proud of their win.  Of course Lilly and Giuli were at the game and insisted on coming with me afterwards.  That was fine since it was a short day so we headed to Whataburger to get them some lunch and home to watch Christmas movies, discuss their Christmas lists and clean up the house a little.

Giuli is such a character.  She knows the answers to everything! Lilly said she wanted some shoes or boots for Christmas so I asked what size she wore.  She said “13” and Giuli yelled….NO you wear a 1 and I wear a 9 and David wears a 7!  Lol.

Giuli wants this Unicorn they have at Walmart that is somehow magical.  As far as I can tell it’s greatest magic is that it makes people pay $100 for it.  For a toy!  Back in my day kids got……well, expensive video game systems but I digress.

IMG_2295It sure felt good to come home to a hot bowl of caldo and some warm blankets.  We even got to use our down comforter and snuggle!


Spooky was fed up with the constant fights between Rudi and Rascal and decided to play blocker.

Spooky was fed up with the constant fights between Rudi and Rascal and decided to play blocker.

Somehow I managed to hurt my knees on Saturday climbing the bleachers so that put a damper on Sunday. I didn’t get nearly the housework completed that I wanted. Although Lilly did say “why do you say your house is messy when it isn’t?” Lol……trust me Lilly it is messy and I have to do Christmas decorations next weekend which is always a huge job!
I do feel a little better about Christmas now that I know what we are getting all of the grandkids.  I’ve even ordered about half of it!!  I might make it without having to go to a store! God bless Zulily and   I’m also going to order tickets this week to take Lilly and Giuli to see Nutcracker. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful holiday!

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