Just Another Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!  I had a really awesome weekend….mostly because I walked out of work on Friday actually feeling almost caught up and not drowning under a mountain of work yet to do for the first time since before I left on vacation at the end of August.  I even finally got my items flagged for follow up down to a reasonable level which is saying something since I had been as high as almost 250 items.  Ugh……now I hope that it lasts into the next week!

IMG_2037 IMG_2052

Of course Saturday was another football day.  Ugh……I did manage to fit in a much needed pedicure in preparation for the big weekend we have coming up!  Of course just my luck I managed to mess up a toe not just once but TWICE before I got home but I think it’s going to be ok with my sparkly shoes.  My new dress is ready and my fancy wrap even arrived in time.  The only thing I haven’t decided is what earrings to wear but that’s a pretty little thing all things considered.


Edward spent all day at the football fields and by the time we got home we had missed the bulk of trick or treaters at our house.  Which was ok…..more left overs for us!  🙂  But the cute kids who did come by got big handfulls of candy!

But I don’t think I will in a hundred years get used to it being hot and humid on Halloween. It was always cold when my kids were little…..even when I was little.  In fact the family tradition was beef stew before we all went out.  I’ll just say beef stew was out but this year I did decide to make chili even if it wasn’t cold.

All of the granddaughters were butterflies this year and the boys ranged from Ninjas, to Spiderman to a very handsome pirate!

IMG_2069-0 IMG_2068-0 IMG_2067-0 IMG_206612065869_10206733325044461_8472619027747245977_nI do love FALL BACK Sunday.  It’s pretty awesome to actually feel caught up on sleep for a couple minutes and somehow it makes the weekend feel so much longer.

Of course the cats don’t recognize the fall back.  Rudi was in trying and trying to wake us up until finally Mommacat decided to show her hot it’s done.  She jumped on the bed and stomped right on top of us and flopped down hard and laid there looking at us.  Like, ok enough laying around it’s time to get up for breakfast.

Sunday was a busy day–the decorating switch over from Halloween to Thanksgiving is a fast one.  I didn’t think I had that much Halloween stuff out but it still took a bit to get it done.  Then we spent the afternoon working on a work project for Edward.  Lucky for him I’m an Excel wizard…..hee hee.

In other news somehow Spooky has hurt the leg she broke last winter again.  She is limping on it but still being weight so hopefully it’s just a little tweak that will get better quickly.  Plus she is a perfectly good mood loving pets.   In the meantime we are trying to convince her to spend more time inside.

So back getting things ready for work tomorrow!  Have a great week everyone!

Sunflower p

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