Happy National Cat Day!

We are blessed to she our home with three or four cats. (Rascal had mostly moved in with the cat lady down the street preferring an only cat home to ours with the mean girls). They always amuse and entertain us.  Each has a strong personality and they let us know what they like and what they don’t.

the boss of the house. Snuggles with Edward are her favorite

Spooky is the muscle. she know who she liked (mommacat) and who she doesnt (everyone else). She. loves pets but only on her terms.

Rudi is our baby who lives to rough house and play with anything! dogs included. She also is a pro at waking me up by headbutting and nibbling on my fingers.

Our little scardy cat but he is a huge love when he feels safe. These days he mostly stays with the older neighbors where is a happy only cat.

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