And…..It’s Football Season!

Football season….that glorious time of the year when we are crazy busy but loving every single second of it!
This year Edward isn’t even doing Friday night clocks so we do have a little more down time. Friday we had the chance to enjoy a glass of wine at home before going out for dinner on the water at one of our favorite restaurants. It was such a nice evening with low humidity and light winds and just perfect. It seemed like lots of other people had the same idea because the place was packed!144

Soooo nice to unwind after a busy week and watch the sunset.

Saturday morning was a big rush of course, I had to get Edward and Zach off to the football field. Then I had time to come home and clean house until it was time to go back to the field for Edward and Emilio’s football game. The 49er’s have a good team this year and won easily. Edward scored two extra points as well as a big run touchdown at the buzzer! Emilio played a good game too making several tackles!

Of course Emily, Lilly, David and Giuli were at the game too and we got our invitation to David’s birthday party in just a few weeks.  I can’t believe that he is going to be 3 years old already!  Where has the time gone???  When the game was over Giuli announced that she was coming home with me. Then David ran over and said he was coming with me too!
IMG_0242 Having company wasn’t exactly what I had planned for the balance of the day but…….how could I say no? So I packed them off to our house to play for a few hours while Mom ran some errands without “double trouble’.  They tried to convince me to stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream on the way home but I pictured ice cream all over the back seat of Edward’s spotless truck and the nightmare that would ensue and told them they could have ice cream at our house.

IMG_1739 IMG_1747

They watched movies and played with toys and ate ice cream and Cheetos and in general ran me ragged. Actually they ran themselves ragged too! When it was time to go get Grandpa David crashed by the time we were one block from our house! I knew he was asleep because all the sudden he stopped talking non-stop. But it was ok because Giuli kept talking and talking and talking……lol.


He is holding on to some new pj’s I bought him. He was so excited about them.

We got Grandpa and Zach and went to drop off Double Trouble at home and pick up my new Halloween wreath that Vanessa made for us. I didn’t realize quite how large it is….it’s HUGE! And it even lights up! It looks really nice over our fireplace.                                                                                                                                   IMG_1756 IMG_1752

We finally got home so Edward could shower and finally go for a late dinner.  He was so tired but wanted to go out to eat so we did.  Then I brought him home and he went to bed shortly thereafter.

Sunday’s this time of year are sleep in days.  We slept until after 9 am and then got up.  I was looking forward to a relaxing day but that didn’t exactly happen.  First I had to make breakfast and I promised homemade tortillas using the new tortilla press Edward bought me.  I don’t mind making them and they are a lot better than store-bought.  So it was home-made tortillas and migas for breakfast.IMG_1760

Then Edward wanted to go to the movies and see “The Martian”.  Good movie and took up most of the afternoon. Then we stopped at the grocery store for supplies and headed home so I could make dinner.  He requested chicken fried steak which is a yummy dinner but has a lot of moving parts to all get done at the same time.  I got it all cooked and up and served before the football game started and crashed on the sofa.IMG_1770

Edward was trying to figure out where the whole day went……lol.  I was trying to figure out where the whole weekend went!

We also spent a lot of time watching the weather channel keeping an eye on the bad weather out East.  With Derrick and Amanda in Virginia we were concerned.  But they were prepared and it looks like they escaped most of the bad weather thank God.

Ryan modeling the new football teeshirt we bought him.

Ryan modeling the new football tee shirt we bought him.

Edward picked me up from work one day last week. It had been a long and stressful day. As he drove home I closed my eyes and listened to him sing “hallelujah”. I couldn’t help but smile. I am happy and content. I love our life and the people in it very much. I am blessed to get to be an active participant in the lives of our grandkids who love me. We don’t have everything we want but we do have everything we need plus some. Most of all we have each other.

I hope everyone has a great week!  I’m going to relax and watch some football and then head to bed ready for another week.

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