Last Weekend In September

IMG_1700Happy Monday!!!!!  I hope y’all had a great relaxing weekend filled with fun.  I know that we did!

One of Edward’s Nieces is a football cheerleader and we were asked to go to the game so I could take some pictures of her.

IMG_1697There were thunderstorms in the area and the lightening was very impressive in the distance but we didn’t get any rain and the game continued without any delay.  I spend a good part of the evening sitting on the ground on the field taking pictures…I’m pleased with some  of them but we will go to another game and take a few more posed shots.

By the time we got home Susan was already here.  Yay!!!!!!  She hasn’t been here is over 5 weeks which is way too long in my opinion.   We didn’t stay up too late on Friday night because we had all had a very very long week.

Saturday was the first week of CCYFL football!  We got Edward headed off to his games and Susan and I got started on errands.  We had a very busy morning!  Old Navy for some new clothes for our big Saturday night out……the gym to cancel Susan’s membership,  some awesome sexy new shoes for the wedding (Now I just need to practice walking in them so I don’t kill myself……lol) later this fall and finally some much needed pedicures. I think we found a new favorite place!!

IMG_1674Then it was time to pick up lunch for Edward and go over to the fields to watch part of the 49ers game!  Little Edward did awesome!!!!  He scored two touchdowns and an extra point!  Since this was his first time really playing it was very impressive.  Emilio did really well too!

IMG_0140 IMG_0155 IMG_0157The 49ers won easily and right now it looks like it should be a fun season!

We had to leave quickly after the game so we could get to the dry cleaners for Edward and then it was finally time for a late lunch.  We went to Hester’s and had some great food, awesome cheesecake and a carafe (and a glass) of Mimosas!

IMG_1678The worst part of having Susan move so far away is that we don’t get to get together for lunch as often so we took our time and enjoyed a really pleasant lunch.  Ok…..even if they played Christmas music……..Lol!

After lunch we even had time to drive home and turn on Netflix and try to take a little nap.  We would have done that better but the lawn guys got there and it was hard to nap with the mowing, weed eating and blowing going on outside.

IMG_1685Once Edward got home headed to Twin Peaks for dinner.  Susan and I were still full from lunch so we had cocktails and shared an appetizer while Edward enjoyed the ‘view’.   The it was off to a bar for a friends birthday celebration.  We had a fun evening getting to know her husband better while enjoying even a few more drinks……IMG_1690Let’s see on Saturday I had….champagne, rum, tequila and Red’s Apple Ale.   Ugh………but we did sleep well Saturday night!  I think we did talk about going to Brownwood for New Years Eve and that should be a fun trip.  I sure hope the weather is good and that I can have two years in a row not being sick so we can go.

Sunday morning Susan had to head out by 9 am so we got up and I made breakfast before she and Gracie hit the highway.  Afterwards I was still tired so I took a little nap before I got busy.  I’m in the middle of fall housecleaning!  Yay?

When we moved into this house we had basically nothing and now we just have so much crap that I’m cleaning by purging like a crazy person.  The office (or junk room) as it is called here is full of junk we don’t use and don’t need.  I have a ton ready to go to the dump.  If it’s a box I haven’t look in for over a year I’m not even really looking it in.  The guest room is finally organized again which is a good job to have complete too.

IMG_1676We took time late in the afternoon to go the movies and see “The Intern”.   It was a very nice movie and a pretty good was to finish the weekend.

Well, we did look at the lunar eclipse too.  There were just enough high clouds that I couldn’t get a picture of it red but it was still impressive to look at.

IMG_0173Sigh…..where did this weekend go!  Time to go back to work for another stress filled busy week.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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