Another Weekend Bites The Dust

438px_Dallas_Cowboys_svg111107072248Happy Sunday evening!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend  It was another fast moving weekend at out house.

Saturday was the celebration for CCYFL’s 50th anniversary.  Can you imagine?  CCYFL started the year I was born.  The Mayor proclaimed Saturday CCYFL day and they had a large ceremony to celebrate.

ccyflThe boys are playing for 49er’s this year so I will be watching lots of games!  I skipped the ceremonies deciding to stay home and try to get the house work caught up and Edward said I made an excellent choice.  There were some light showers early and with no wind the humidity was beyond oppressive.  He came home, chugged a bottle of water and took a cool shower before he even told me about it.

After he finished in the shower it was lunch time so we went to Corner Bakery for a change of pace.  Mmmmm……I love their Panini’s.


I had been debating about it being too early to put up the fall decorations but Edward said with fall starting this week I could at least start.  After lunch we went out looking for some new things and had quite a bit of fun doing it. Once we got home I started putting out a few things….I won’t get out most of it until next weekend but at least it’s started.  I love our home when it is decorated for a holiday.  It feels so cozy and warm.  We also got out the apple cider potpourri and candles and the house smells great!

After that I headed to the grocery store.  I hadn’t done a real shop since we got back from vacation and we were running out of almost everything!  It was a big shop and I was tired by the time it was finished.

We spent the evening watching several Netflix movies and just relaxing. 

 bayfrontSunday was a lovely day…..ideally we would have had a beach day.  The weather was perfect but unfortunately Red Tide is in the area and sharing the beach with lots of dead fish wasn’t too appealing.  So instead we slept in late, did laundry, watched some football and smoked some awesome pork ribs!  I’m getting pretty good at this smoking thing!

ribsI had brought some work home to do over the weekend but I didn’t really feel like doing it.  So that means I am feeling nicely relaxed but I know that means I will most likely need to work some later evening this week.  😦  I got used to not working as much overtime and am pretty bummed about doing it again.  My bank account on the other hand will be happy I’m sure…….. 

 So now I’m off to bed to get ready for the week.  Have a great Monday!

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