You Never Know What Will Make You Feel Old


You just never know until all of the sudden it happens…….for me it occurred on a normal Friday afternoon at work.  When I checked my phone I found I had a text message from a strange number.  And the text message said “hi this is lilly”.


Our Granddaughter is now old enough to have a cell phone?

Little Edward has had a phone since last Christmas but he doesn’t text us so this is the first text from a grandchild.   And surprise, it suddenly made me feel pretty old.  On the other hand it makes me feel pretty good that I was one of the first people Lilly sent a text to.

Sunday was Grandparents day and we got a lovely FB post from Vanessa thanking us for everything we do.  We couldn’t love the little one’s any more than we do and it is a joy to watch them grow.


Something else that is making me feel old is that tomorrow is 30 years since I got married for the first time(If we had stuck it out).  It doesn’t feel like it has been that long and it sure doesn’t feel like it has been over for 10 years either.
Amy&ParSigh…..time passes so quickly.

In that vein I’ve been re-reading old blog posts tonight.  Sometimes writing the blog seems like more chore than I want to do and I have ocassionally stopped for a bit.   I mean it isn’t for anyone but me and it’s not like I have a slew of regular readers……but tonight I was reminded why I do it.  It’s really nice to have a record of these memories.  I was reading posts from 5 years ago and I’m amazed at how much I had already forgotten.  So that’s why I continue to blog, for me and for our memories.

We have a pretty awesome life and it’s nice to be reminded of that from time to time.

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