And Vacation Comes To An End


We were sooooo busy the last half of vacation and the days flew by in an instant.  The days were hot and sunny and the nights cool and clear.  We were blessed with lots of company too.  Susan and Gracie joined us for the weekend.  On Sunday her sister Peggy and a friend came by (With White Russian Pudding Shots!) and even Ed’s brother Steven and wife Barbara stopped by for some river time.

164_2076 164_2071

We also made good friends with the couple next door and we also have a friend who is a park host soooooo…….we did a lot of entertaining!  We were so busy that we didn’t watch even one single movie. But we watched lot of bats fly and gazed at the stars for hours.  Usually from the river by lantern light.

On Friday night after a couple of drinks Susan and I made the ‘brilliant’ decision to joint our park host friend on her interpretive hike on Saturday morning.  OMG………….I think we almost died but somehow we made it back in one piece.  Well. I say one piece only because our knees are still attached but they were busy plotting our demise.


We hiked to the third highest peak in the park and thank goodness it was cloudy because otherwise death would most certainly have occurred.  The view from the top was lovely and worth the hike.  I think.   Afterwards Edward dumped us in the river which was thankfully cold to soak our aching joints.  Then we had a nice nap and drink and started to feel better.


We taught Gracie how to swim in Garner so she is now an official GARNER GIRL!  She wasn’t too sure about the water but her love of sticks encouraged her to overcome her reservations and swim like crazy.

IMG_0019 IMG_0006 164_2019
So we end another great Garner week and look forward to our next trip! I love spending time with my baby and I’m thankful that we always have such fun together. It felt a little strange to actually put on clothes after a week in swimsuits and I couldn’t even find my makeup when it was time to leave…..but that’s ok.  It is what Garner is all about.

Until next year Garner. Until next year.


IMG_1346.JPGBest part?  We are still off work tomorrow!  Thank goodness a day at home to just relax and recouperate!

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