I Have A Serious Love/Hate Relationship With August


August is summer which means beach days and evening……sunshine and relaxation.  Cocktails and fun.  Romance and kisses.  Flip flops and sunsets.    It is also vacation season.  Who doesn’t love a month with a vacation (or as was the case this year multiple vacations)?


But I also hate, hate, hate August.  Mostly because by this point in the summer I am completely and wildly over being hot.  Walking out the door each morning into the wall of humidity has lost it’s appeal and don’t get me started on the joy of sweaty boobs.  If I could spend every day at the beach it would probably be ok but noooooo………I have to do things like work and buy groceries and go to Walmart (seriously why does it have to be hotter than the pits of hell in there?)  and all other manner of things that require me to get out of the air conditioning.

On top of it all of our northern friends are starting to complain about how ‘cold’ it is and breaking out their hoodies and talking about making chili and baking.  We aren’t even in the ball park of the weather starting to cool off and their ‘complaining’ makes me just a little bit cranky.

But we are finally at the end of August.  And the time for our adult vacation has finally arrived.  In the pre-dawn hours of tomorrow we will be on the highway west to our home away from home….the Frio river.


Once we get back fall activities will be win full swing…..football tops among them.  And we will be pretty much tied to home until Thanksgiving.  But for now it’s time to unplug and unwind.

Have a great week!

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