40 Hours………

Just 40 work hours until our 11 day vacation and we couldn’t be more excited.  Just 40 working hours and we can shut off our computers and not answer to work.  I’m hoping the week will fly by but it most likely won’t.  Especially Friday afternoon………which I’m sure will feel like it lasts 800 hours.

IMG_0388This weekend Susan and Gracie were in town.  It’s felt like a long time since we have seen them.  Rudi and Gracie quickly caught up and played like crazy animals.

IMG_0948We caught up with Susan too…….lol…..starting with dinner and drinks of course.

IMG_0949 And Saturday was a beach day. A gorgeous, long and glorious beach day.

IMG_0904 IMG_0927 IMG_0914 IMG_0935I love when we can go to the beach and spend the whole day without any worry about when we had to get home.  We played in the water, layed in the sun and relaxed the entire day.   Edward did an impressive job of keeping me covered in sunblock….maybe a little too impressive.  The only thing I burned was my face.  Unfortunately, he didn’t do as good of a job with Susan–she got pretty badly burned on her back.

But it was still an awesome day. We got home about 9 pm, ate some pizza and headed to bed.

Sunday morning we got to sleep in late and then had to unload the truck and get everything cleaned up from the beach.  While Edward did that Susan and I made biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast.  (Well biscuits and gravy for us.  Edward had chorizo, potato and eggs.)  Then we relaxed and watch Gracie and Rudi play until it was time for Susan to head home.  It’s still too far away but we will see her again in just a couple of weekends at Garner!IMG_0940Rudi loves to play with Gracie and she is worn out when they leave.  Mommacat is usually pretty tired from hiding too and finds a very nice place to snuggle and rest.  And that is pretty much what we did all afternoon too.  I did laundry and we watched Netflix movies.  I’m still not sure where the weekend went……ugh……….


I will wrap up this evening getting things organized for the week.  I was going to go to the grocery store for the first round of vacation shopping but then I realized it was the night before school.  NO THANKS!  I’ll wait until one night during the week.    Normally we are on vacation when school starts here but this year Labor Day is so late that we are in town.  That means tomorrow we can deal with the back to school traffic.  Yay!

For now we are going to enjoy our quiet evening together with some serious snuggle time.  Hope you had a great weekend!


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