Survived Week One Back To Work

164_1581Well we made it through week one and only two more weeks to go until our summer vacation!  Unfortunately there was some sickness going around in Garner and it caught up with me as soon as we got home.  I dragged myself through last week pretty sure that I was going to die……….between the terrible sore throat and earache.  I still managed to go to work every day not because I felt good enough but because I needed to save the time off for later in the month.

And I wasn’t the only sick one…..about half of the people came back with a bad cold.  Ugh……August isn’t a great time to be sick.  As a result we didn’t end up seeing much of Ryan and I sure didn’t have anyone over for dinner.  Getting through each day was enough for me.

On Thursday evening I was in bed by 8 pm with an ice pack on my ear and by 9:30 Rudi couldn’t stand it.  She knew it wasn’t my bedtime and came in determined to wake me up.  She was in the bed meowing, headbutting and licking me until I finally got up and paid some attention to her.

Adding to the awesomeness of last week our internet went out on Tuesday and they couldn’t get a technician out to look at it until Friday.  Grrrr……ugh…….arghhhhh!!!!  Thank goodness it’s fixed.

So Saturday morning we went up to Edward’s dad’s to see Derrick, Amanda and Ryan off on their trip home.  Little Ryan has seriously started walking since he has been here and that’s a good thing!  He is so funny and his bright blue eyes just charm everyone.


He learned to play ET with Great Grandpa and fist bump too on his trip!   IMG_0780He loves all things truck and balls so we gave him a dump truck to take on the trip home. Unless we figure out how to make a trip east we probably won’t see him again until mid-June next year when they are up for another duty station change.  😦


Snickers stayed with Vanessa and the girls and they didn’t want to let him go.  As we were getting ready to leave Snickers jumped in the truck with us and we tried to sneak him away but Derrick wasn’t having any of it!

Lilly and Vanessa needed to do some back to school shopping so they asked if the ‘double trouble twins’ could stay with us for the day.  We said of course so David and Giuli ran to the truck ready for adventure.  First stop was to pick up our trailer and then off to McDonalds because the kids were ‘starving’.  We let them try to run off some energy there before coming home.  I was really hoping they would watch some movies and maybe take a nap since I still didn’t feel well.  I settled them in with Christmas movies on Netflix because a scorching day in August just screams for a Christmas movie!


Unfortunately they didn’t buy the nap thing but instead kept us running all over the house all day.  They did play quietly with toys in the guest room long enough for me to take a short nap.   It was fun to get to spend the day with them and we heard they weren’t even at the end of the street before they both fell sound asleep in the car.

While we were at Ed’s Dad’s house everyone was going through some old pictures and now we have lots of new ones for TBT!!!

IMG_0810 IMG_0823

The expression on Edward’s face in this last picture is priceless!!!! Haha!!

Sunday we mostly chilled at home and took another nap since this throat infection I have doesn’t seem to want to let go.  I’m pretty sick of being sick.  Hopefully I can kick it in the next couple of days but it’s possible I might call in sick tomorrow.   We will  have to see how it goes.

10 work days until a week and a half off work.  I can make it!!!


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