The way that my vacation calendar worked out this year is that I didn’t take hardly any time off between January and mid-July but between mid-July and early September I am going to be using LOTS of it.  In fact almost all of it.

And thank goodness mid-July has finally arrived!


Edward had a trade show in San Marcos which is always a favorite of mine because of one word……SHOPPING!!  Outlet shopping at stores we don’t have locally to be specific.   The hotel we stayed at this trip was perfect too, right next door to shopping, conference was in the same place for Edward, happy hour and drinks each evening and a really good breakfast!

They also had a spa and I really struggled with deciding between going shopping and enjoying a spa day.  But shopping won!

IMG_0315It was an excellent place to stay and we even had a chance to enjoy the nice pool and hot tub in the evening.  Although I had a couple of little kids latch on and talked my ear off.  (“Wiley” is 3 and her brother Adrian is 2 and they had a blast with their life jackets….although I really wanted to grab their dad by the neck and yank HIM in the pool to play with them)

We left on Sunday afternoon so I had almost all day Monday and part of Tuesday to shop.

IMG_0343It was hot and I got a lot of walking in.  It felt pretty good to go back to the hotel, take a cool shower and relax with a cocktail until Edward was finished for the day.

And it didn’t take me long to drop a bundle of $$$$$.  There were lots of summer sales and I got cute clothes for the grandkids and for me of course. Lillyanna needed new swimming suits and I couldn’t buy things for her without buying for Giulianna and David and my  great-niece Allie’s birthday is coming up so of course I had to buy some things for her too.

I found some new skirts/skorts at Edie Bauer that might just be my favorite thing ever!  They are made from the same material as fishing shirts and have built in spanx.  I wore it too the conference dinner on Monday night and promptly went back and got a couple of other colors! It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything!  I got several new shirts, an adorable pair of shoes and who knows what else.


Of course during lunch on Monday we had to go to Cabellas which is one of Edward’s favorite places on earth.

IMG_0338Monday evening the conference dinner was held at a place right on the San Marcos river.  It was pretty and loaded with people who were finishing up their tubing for the day.  I sure wanted to jump in the water too but Ed convinced me we could just go to the hotel and use the pool instead.

IMG_0345Tuesday the conference ended at noon so we took the opportunity to go to lunch somewhere we don’t have access too at home.  We decided to try El Fuego and it was really tasty.  Huge portion and really unique flavors.

IMG_0351We were heading out of San Marcos (in a ton of traffic) when a semi in front of us carrying half a mobile home had a huge blowout.  All was fine when suddenly the low tire light in the truck went off. Lucky for us it happened literally right in front of a Discount Tire so it was easy to swing around and get it taken care of.  They found a nail in the tire that was easily repaired.   Certainly 90 minutes in the waiting room of Discount Tire wasn’t what we had planned but we were so thankful that it happened there instead of in the middle of no where.


During the drive home we stopped by the park in Seguine to look at the water.  I love that park….it’s so pretty and quiet.  I could have sat on the banks of the river all day I think but it was getting late and we needed to head home to our spoiled kitty cats.

IMG_0267The lady who normally takes care of our cats was out of town and even Susan was away so we were low on available cat sitters.  This trip we used Ed’s ex who got a front page look at just how spoiled our cats are……lol.  Fortunately it was a fairly short trip because all of them stayed inside the whole time.

But we are home safe and sound…..and I’m still off work tomorrow!  The plan is for a beach day!   Less than two weeks to Garner!

Have a great Wednesday!

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