I Have Loved You For 3,650 Days

IMG_012910 years.   Honestly I can’t believe that Edward and I have been together for 10 years already.  It seems like just yesterday………..and yet it seems like forever.  I know that I love him even more today!

I was a little stumped on what to give him as an anniversary gift.  Typically we don’t do ‘real’ gifts but this year felt like it needed to be commemorated.  The traditional gift for the 10th anniversary is aluminum.  Ok….who picked that one out?  Aluminum?  It feels like it should be something a bit more tangible.  But aluminum it is.

Finally at the last minute I hit one something.  A YETI cup!  It was aluminum like and I can get it engraved and he would love it.

IMG_0131And he did.

Edward said he couldn’t come up with anything aluminum so he went with gold…….lol.  A gold American Express gift card that I can use at the outlet malls next weekend.  Perfect!!  And a very lovely card.

IMG_0144And my favorite flowers of course.

IMG_0144He also wanted to go to San Antonio and have dinner at the first place we ate at.  Since we had planned a road trip to Brownwood with Susan to inspect her new (almost) house we decided to combine the trip.  Friday on our actual anniversary we went out to dinner and home to spend some time together.

Saturday morning we loaded up the truck including Susan’s puppy Gracie for her first real road trip!


Gracie is an awesome puppy and we adore her!  We love her enough that every once in a while I think we should get a great puppy but then I come to my senses.  As fun as it is to watch her and Rudi play I know that we are cat people and not dog people.

We got to San Antonio and checked into the hotel and then headed for the holy grail……….Bass Pro!  IMG_0153We had a lovely lunch and then he headed out to spend his birthday gift cards.  Susan and I occupied ourselves in women clothes and jewelry.  This might just be turning into one of my favorite stores too!

It was hot, hot, hot so we headed back to the hotel for a little dip on the pool before heading to the Riverwalk for diner.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0165It was nice getting there before dark and starting the Riverboat ride.  It was warm but there was a breeze so it wasn’t too bad.  IMG_0192 IMG_0179 IMG_0171 IMG_0216 IMG_0223 IMG_0224And then it was off to Naked Iguana for a romantic dinner including margaritas!  It’s great that we ate at a place that still exists and is named Naked Iguana!  Lol!!

IMG_0213 IMG_0211 IMG_0220It was an excellent evening!  We had great food, great company and a great time.

Sunday morning we had kind of an early start because we had a lot of ground to cover.  We started with breakfast at Mi Tierra.  IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0230 IMG_0240Then we hit the highway!

IMG_0245We got to drive through some lovely hill country including Fredricksburg.  And got home grown tomatoes and peaches……BLT’s for dinner Monday night!!!!

We are definitely going to plan a weekend there after football season to explore.  Brownwood is nice town and Susan’s new house is very nice.  It’s going to be great for her and Gracie.  And even though we will miss her terribly we will still be seeing her often.  There is a lot of stuff to do up there and I’m looking forward to many trip!

After all that it was the 5 hour trip home and that was the weekend.   We had a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to every day of the next 10, 20, 30 years with my love.  🙂


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