Happy Short Work Week!

IMG_0148Happy Monday Everyone!  And happy short work week!

This was our last unscheduled weekend for several weeks but somehow we managed to fill all of it without any problem.  On the drive home from work Friday I was trying to decide what we should have for dinner and thought that it would be a nice evening to get a pizza and go to the beach.  But since I was pretty sure Edward would be ready to be comfy on the sofa thought that idea was out.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in the door and Edward told me to change–the pizza would be ready for pickup in a few minutes and we were going to the beach.  Yay!  Great way to end a long week!

IMG_0151It was a pretty windy evening but the water was warm.  We had fun walking and looking at everything and having a cocktail.  Perfect way to relax.

Saturday was still fairly windy and honestly we didn’t really do anything.  I cleaned and we watched movies.  We even fit in a nice nap!  Saturday evening in shifts Emily was over visiting and then Lilly and Giuli arrived to spend the night.

We had heard that there would be a turtle release on Sunday morning and invited them to come with us.  They got to the house about 9:30 just in time for baths (and flooding my bathroom) and bed.  5:30 am came pretty early but they bounced out of bed ready to see the baby turtles.  On the drive out they spent the trip looking at the clouds and deciding what they all looked like.  Grandpa thought all the clouds looked like food which lead me to believe he was hungry……lol.

I’m not a morning person but I will get up almost any time to see a sunrise on the beach.


And there was an ok sunrise too!

IMG_0157We got the girls right up front so they had a nice view as they released 113 little turtles to the ocean.

IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0179 IMG_0206 IMG_0229 11011228_10153461159750909_4018102793474089180_n 11224877_10153461159445909_1810849115215964659_n 11402939_10153461159250909_2491204576727236629_n 11665574_10153461159910909_2684789859094815649_n

What a fun experience!!!  The girls had a blast and we did too. Of course as soon as it was over everyone was starved so we headed out for breakfast.  Pancakes for the girls!!!!  Then it was home to Netflix and naps.  It only took a little bit and everyone crashed and burned!  Thank goodness because I was ready for a nap!

While trying to get them to sleep I downloaded pictures from my camera.  I hadn’t done it after our camping trip at the beach last weekend and found I had some nice shorts of the funnel cloud we saw after the storm.

IMG_0136 IMG_0138

The girls stayed until after 3 pm and then we went to an early dinner before home to get ready for the short work week.  Here is hoping that the work week goes by as quickly as the weekend did.

IMG_0175Have a great Monday!

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