Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone had an awesome Father’s Day celebrating the Dad’s you love.

We were wrapping up Edward’s birthday week and he really wanted to camp at the beach. We couldn’t go the weekend before because he was ill (and the weather said it was going to rain which it did not do) so really wanted to give it a try this weekend.

Weather said there would only be scattered storms on Saturday and even less on Sunday. We could deal with a scattered shower. Since we had plans on Friday evening we decided to go out on Saturday morning.

All was fine as we packed up…..in fact it was sunny and HOT! But as we got set up at the beach we saw a storm start to move in.
It was kind of cool to watch the clouds build and the wind pick up.
And what a storm it was! The rain poured down with high winds and we even saw a very decent funnel cloud!
But it did clear up enough so we ‘almost’ got a sunset. And we could see the moon and some stars for a little while. But it was still pretty windy and the surf was very rough–although fascinating to watch.

But during the night the wind never let up. By the time the sun started to come up we had decided there was no way we wanted the grandkids out in that surf. The sun tried to come out but it never really broke through.
We had some breakfast and packed up and hung out until about noon before heading home. It wasn’t great or perfect but it wasn’t terrible. The bright side is we got home in time to unpack and take a great nap. And let me tell you we slept hard!

We wrapped it up with dinner out and getting things organized for this week.  I can’t believe how fast the weekend went.  I sure wish we had another day.    In a could of weeks if the weather cooperates we want to try this beach camping thing again.  🙂

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