My Day So Far…….

We spent a quiet weekend at home since Edward has been sick the poor dear. So I had time to get everything organized and take lots of naps!

As a result this morning I was awake and bushy tailed before my alarm and ready to hit the gym! But I found I had neglected to get my sports bra out and I couldn’t find it in the dark bedroom so I had to wear my regular one.

I had a good sweaty workout (feeling kind of good things get back in the game) and then hit the showers. Only to find out I had no hair gel. I changed my bag when it looked like we were going camping last weekend and forgot to put my gel back. Ugh!!!! My hair looks awesome let me tell you! Plus I got to put on a damp and cold bra again. Yuck!

Put in gas (since it’s Monday and all) and was halfway to work when Edward called. “Honey I think you have my keys”. Crap he was right they somehow ended up in my purse while we were running errands Saturday. Turn around and go alllll the way home.

Text work and tell them I’ll be late. To ease the pain of driving back home Edward had me take his truck. Traffic of course sucked by this point making my normal 30 minute drive more like 40 minutes. And since I got to work late almost everyone was already there beside and across from my parking space. Parking that monster backwards took me about 4 hours since I have to back in from the left side instead of the right.

Finally since I usually put on my makeup in the parking lot becausr my face is too hot at the gym there was only time for some tinted moisturizer and a swipe of mascara. I’m looking great! Hahaha!

Is it Friday yet?

In the good news column last night I was digging around the deep freeze and found a lonely carton of Blue Bell! Yay!!!!!

And now I’ll spend the day getting work in order in case I have too (“get too!!!'”) Work from home the next couple days. We don’t need any more rain that’s for sure but skipping a drive would be kind of awesome.

And tomorrow is my baby’s birthday! Tonight I get to bake him his very special German Chocolate Cake as he requested and I hope the weather cooperates so we can at least go out for dinner. His big celebration will be next weekend….wink, wink.

Happy Monday!


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