Friday evening was my birthday dinner out with Susan. She told me that I could pick anyplace I wanted to eat so after days of deliberation I decided on Landry’s. I wanted someplace indoors and on the water since it was so nice out and it was a lovely evening.
We had a 45 minute wait for a table but the food was excellent. I couldn’t understand why Edward seemed in such a hurry to pay the check… wasn’t like we had any place to go but whatever. I’m sure he was thanking God I didn’t try to order dessert……lol.

On the way home he suggested we stop at Politics for a couple of drinks before going home. I almost said no since I was so full and ready to take off my pants but said that we could.  Then I was given a tiara and a special necklace.

Imagine my surprise when we walked into the bar to a table full of friends, flowers, presents, cake and balloons! What a nice surprise! I was seriously surprised.  I couldn’t believe how much effort Edward and Susan put into organizing this.  I am so touched.


I was surprised at how many people came–and how many people were sad they couldn’t make it. Even Patsy and Zach came by late in the evening. Of course there were cocktails and shots a plenty. Oh… many darn shots. I was sure ready to come home and pass out (and maybe swear off drinking again for a few weeks.)
I can’t put into words how blessed I am. Thank you to everyone to who helped organize and who attended. Much love to you all!

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