Happy Tuesday That Acts Like Monday!

IMG_8970.JPG With the forecast for Memorial Day weekend calling for lots of rain we knew that a beach day probably wasn’t going to happen. In fact almost nothing outside was going to happen.

Thankfully the forecast (for us anyway) was a bit off so it didn’t turn out too terrible. I mean I cooked a lot and we are all weekend so how bad could it be!

Ed picked me up from work Friday and we stopped for dinner and margaritas (MmmmmMargaritas) before going home to watch some tv and relax. I was 500% done with Tuesday before I even got to work so those margaritas really game in handy.  It was a long week so shortly after 10 it was bed time.  There is something so wonderful about climbing into bed (one of my favorite moments of the day) and knowing that we don’t have to wake up early the next day.

Saturday we had a husband of a coworker coming over to work on the brakes on my car. I guess brakes are important…….. So while we waited for them to get here I cleaned, did laundry got groceries and kept a wary eye on the weather. I couldn’t believe how terrible the storms were in Hill Country and they just weren’t moving.  We have had so much rain that it won’t take much for us to have flooding again either so I was really hoping they would die off before getting here.

We found out that Rudy doesn’t like people she doesn’t know at all! At least for a few minutes and then she warms up and is back to her annoying self. But when they arrived she completely panicked! And here I thought it was just little kids she didn’t like.  Apparently it’s everyone she isn’t familiar with.

IMG_8988.JPG We got the brakes done and I grilled some steaks with roasted vegetables for dinner. And then since it was war movie weekend we got to watch lots of romantic movies.

We went to bed about midnight and the storms were getting close but looked to be losing some of their punch . Ed woke me up out of a dead sleep at 1:30 and I thought it was because of a storm but it wasn’t.  Instead he was in the middle of a bad blood sugar crash.  Fasting blood sugars are hopefully in the 100 – 125 range.  His blood sugar at 1:30 am was 55.  That’s enough to make him very unsteady, sweaty and shakey.  He really didn’t feel well at all and it took us a several gloucose pills and snacks to get his blood sugar back to a reasonable level.

Thank goodness we got it under control because I didn’t want to have to take him to the ER with the nasty weather. Although it wasn’t terrible at our house and we didn’t even know about the tornado across town until morning.  After about half an hour he was feeling better and we got back to bed.

We don’t know why his blood sugar crashed since he had a really good meal but thankfully it woke him up and we got it under control.

IMG_8816.JPG I had got the work tickets for the Jooks game on Sunday but it was supposed to rain all day so we weren’t optimistic about going.  We didn’t make any plans and didn’t invite anyone to go with us. But lo and behold the sun came out in the afternoon and it was s nice night for baseball. And fireworks!

IMG_8901.JPG I love bonus days off. Monday we did exactly nothing……..well I made a yummy breakfast but then we hung out and relaxed until we went to Susan’s for dinner and mojitos! What a blessing to have days off where we don’t have to do anything!  We would have rather been at the beach but all in all it wasn’t too bad.


I had been a little bummed that we weren’t going to the river for the weekend but as things turned out we were very glad to not be at the cabin with all the flooding. No word on if there is any damage but the pictures from Hill Country have been crazy. I am worried since Ed has a sales meeting up by Boerne this week.

If you have seen the footage of the white SUV going down the river? Right there. He should be fine but the golf course is closed this week. Aww….they will have to stay inside and eat and drink instead I guess.  And work.

IMG_8843.JPG Thank goodness it’s a short week! And then we head into Birthday month! Yay!

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