What A Special Day


This weekend was Lillyanna’s First Communion. Since I wasn’t raised Catholic this was my first experience attending one of these events but it was a blessing to get to go.

We got to the church and found seats being held….but a good chunk by Baby David who was crashed out sound asleep in the pew. So he ended up in my arms as the seats filled up. As a result I spent almost all of the church service sitting so I could listen but not see much. But that was ok….from our seats there wasn’t much to see anyway. But I did get to see Giulianna intently watching Micky Mouse on a phone.
David slept on my lap for almost all of the service waking up just in time for communion. My arms were worn out after that long but I was happy he got a nice nap. After church was over it was picture time. As usual (and expected) it was chaotic with lots of people and lots of people wanting pictures. But I think we got the pictures that everyone wanted and they turned out pretty well.





My story from communion….as Lilly and I were walking out of the church I asked her how her First Communion was. She said “It tasted TERRIBLE!” And I said well…..it is the body of Christ so……. And Lilly laughed. We took her back to the house for her pachanga and it was a house full. Again I had another session of photographs. By this point Lilly was getting tired and hungry and was ready to be done.



And this picture pretty much shows what taking pictures of this group is like…..lol. Someone is always looking the wrong way, making a weird face or something else.
Dinner and a house full of people made for a chaotic but fun evening and I think Lilly enjoyed it. We decided to give her a James Avery cross necklace with her birthstone. She likes it I think.  I know all of the kids had a fun time at the party.  It was such a special day and I was blessed to get to be part of it.

Of course once I got home there was about 2 hours of work getting all of the pictures downloaded and edited.  It was a big job but it’s the family job that I have.  🙂  Next workout will be next month when Baby Ryan comes to visit!  We can’t wait!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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