I Know I’m Late To Post

It was a busy weekend! In fact all of last week was busy. I was ready for some solid relaxation over the weekend but that didn’t happen. As usual.

Friday we went out for dinner and then we were ready to go home and relax. Actually it was more like home and pretty quickly to bed. Thus getting up early to work out is kicking my butt!

Saturday we opened up the trailer for the first time this year. Camping season is here! I hope we can find time to get away soon-I could use it.

It wasn’t as dirt as we thought but it was still a messy sweaty job getting it back in order Nd required a trip to Walmart too.

Saturday evening was a perfect night for a Hooks game but this was an entertaining clients game so we got to be engaging, witty and charming. Thank goodness that’s easy for both of us!

It was a great night except for the Mosquitos but we had fun anyway.

Our plan was to go walk the Harbor Bridge Sunday morning….even Edward! Except he work up in screaming pain during the night with back spasms. It was really bad. Bad enough he almost went to the ER.

So I got him comfy and ran around all day taking care of him. He’s off to the chiropractor today–hopefully it will help.

Only real fun part of the weekend was that age game on Fadebook.


That’s right…..I’m 27 or 29. Hahahahaha! Better pay on the back than getting carded buying wine last week.

Ok back to work. Going to be a busy one again!

Have a great week!

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