Another Crazy Busy Weekend……..

I ended last week just exhausted…..the only thing I wanted to do over the weekend was sleep. Seriously sleep. Yeah that didn’t work out so well……….

Friday night we stayed in and drank some wine and had a little bit of cake. We had both been hungry for wine and cake and it really hit the spot! Then it was off to bed for a wonderful nights rest.

At least that was the plan.

For whatever reason Edward had a restless night and when he can’t sleep he prefers to let me know so I can keep him company. I’m pretty sure he woke me up about 14,000 times during the night. By 5 am I was considering smothering him but I controlled myself. Then he woke me up for good at 7:30 am. Seriously I think I was more tired than when I went to bed! It’s a good thing I love him.

It was a miserable morning with heavy drizzle none stop at our house but after breakfast we headed into town to watch Edward and Emilio at a tournament. By the time we got a few miles from home the drizzle stopped and the sun actually came out.
Emily was busy making friends all day and she must have changed her clothes at least 5 times. She is pretty determined and bossy!
We had planned to go to the gym after the games but they ran long so when it was over it was time to go home and clean up before our Saturday night dinner with Susan. It was her Divoreaversary dinner at Railroad Seafood Station! And $3 margarita night!
IMG_8348 As always the food was yummy and filling and we had a lot of laughs during dinner.  Edward is generally our designated driver but it quickly became clear that that wasn’t going to work out for us on this night and I was going to have to step up and be the driver. And I did…..we finished dinner, went to Politics for a few cocktails (I got to have soda) and finally to Susan’s apartment for a few more drinks. Needless to say we ended up just spending the night there……lol. It was safer that way.
IMG_8345Edward woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit worse for wear but he bounced back pretty quickly.  Breakfast and then home for a nap and he was good to go.  But I had to get busy getting everything ready to go for the week. Sigh…….and I’m still tired. Lol. Oh well, it was a pretty fun weekend all things considered.

With a little luck we might see some sunshine this week.  I’m pretty sick of clouds and fog and rain.

Have a great week!

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