My Day So Far

The Good

1. I got up and worked out. I feel awesome.!

2. It’s a gorgeous morning! Simply perfect.

3. The showers worked at the gym unlike that time I had to go to work without a shower and felt gross all day.

4. My baby is taking me to lunch!

5. I don’t have to workout again today!

The Bad.
1. A friends husband passed away

2. I forgot my food and I’m starving!

3. I might faint from hunger before lunch.

4. I have M&Ms in my purse. I will most likely be eating M&ms for breakfast. Which is good or bad depending on how you feel.

5. I don’t really feel awesome. It was arm day do they feel all rubbery.

6. My body says I’m old. I don’t feel old but apparently I am.

In other words it’s just another Tuesday! Have a good one.

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