The other night we were pursuing Netflex trying to settle on the perfect movie for background noise while we played on our laptops.  I mean honestly that’s what most of us use television for these days right?

I decided “romantic movies” would fit the bill and started through….,Pretty Woman , Casablanca, Titanic, The Jodi Arias Story……wait what???
Don’t believe me?

Not only is this movie “romantic” but it was suggested specifically for me! WTF? Too many documentaries on super tornados or World War II and suddenly Netflix thinks I will find a movie where the woman kills the guy in cold blood and is sentenced to prison the perfect choice for my weeknight viewing?

First under no circumstances should this be listed under romantic movies. It isn’t remotely romantic. Maybe based on a true story or like Lifetime movies or horror or every Movies featuring psyco women but not romantic.

Second I think I need a new Netflix profile.

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