Where Did The Weekend Go?????

Field Of Texas Paintbrush And Bluebonnets... facebook timeline cover 849 X 312 Nature/Landscape,Inks,Texas,Bluebonnets,Paintbrush,State,Park,Field,Lake,and,Bluebonnets...How did we get to Monday already?

So what did we do this weekend?  We worked out.  Lol……at least it seems like that was about all we did.  Workout, get ready to workout, try to recover from working out, prepping for working out this week.

Ok maybe we did a few other things.  Friday night we tried out a new (for us anyway) restaurant called Mole.  We had heard really good things like they have a salsa bar and they have a promotion going on for 99c margaritas. Sounds like a winner!  We walked in and were very impressed.  It was a clean, open space that was very lovely.

IMG_8078The food isn’t Tex-Mex which is what we are used too so deciphering the menu took some time.  But they make everything from scratch on site….including grinding the corn for the corn tortillas.  The food was very good and the margaritas weren’t bad either!  I loved the picadillo!


Saturday morning we woke up to rain. We decided to go out for breakfast before working out. I was adding weight training to my workouts on a regular basis so Edward was busy setting up my program and Saturday was leg day. I have always hated leg day…..well maybe not actual leg day quite as much as the day or two after leg day when the pain sets in.

It was a tough workout and I know I’m supposed to say I felt amazing when it was finished but I didn’t. I felt tired. 🙂
We came home to find our lazy cats happily sleeping in our bed.
After showers we were hungry so we decided to go for an early dinner and I wanted STEAK! Off we went to the Astor because you always get a yummy steak there.
After dinner we stopped by the new At Home Store. We hadn’t been there yet and oh my is that place HUGE! It took us a long time to wander through and we got a few cute things for the house before going home and to bed.
Sunday we relaxed in the morning. I actually cooked breakfast which turned out to be the only meal I made all weekend…..lol. In the afternoon it was back to the gym for arm day. I really hate arm day because my arms are pretty weak. I keep up ok with Edward on leg weights but arms? Not so much. It was a long workout and I was wiped out when we finished.
IMG_8085 But we weren’t finished. After working out we went to the grocery store for the week, came home and unloaded, put gas in the vehicles, laundry in, prepped lunches for Monday, took showers and collapsed on the sofa for a few minutes before an early bedtime.

It felt like we hardly had a minute to relax all weekend. I know once we get used to the schedule it won’t feel as bad but right now it’s a challenge. It will be worth it in the end. Now I’m off to bed.

Have a great week everyone!


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