Things That Make Me Happy Today

I haven’t done one of this in a while………..seems like it might be time.


1.  The layoffs that have hit the rest of the company came to our department this week and I still have a job!  Praise the Lord and Alleluia!

2.  I can pull off all of my jeans without unbuttoning and unzipping.  This includes my pair of skinny jeans.

3.  Closet shopping.  I forgot how awesome it could be.

4.  3 day weekends!  Sleeping in and leisurely breakfast and not running out the door like a crazy person.

5.  Feeling healthy and getting strong.

6.  Hearing Baby David say my name.

7.  Wildflowers.  And they were pretty good this year.


8.  3 months in and I’ve lost 30.1 lbs.  It feels pretty amazing especially since three months ago I didn’t really think I could ever get down to this weight.  I’m not to where I want to be yet but I will get there eventually.

9.  Walking into Dillard’s and finding my favorite bra in the right size AND color. Usually it’s pick one or the other.

10. As always the love of my life.


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