Busy Busy Spring Weekend


Spring sports season has arrived! We knew this when we got the schedule for the weekend and it was jammed with activities from start to finish. This year we have four grandkids playing sports so it does look like we will be pretty busy for the next couple of months.

Friday night started with Emilio’s baseball game. He hasn’t played in a couple of years so we certainly weren’t going to miss it. He is playing a lot of catcher this year and played a very solid game with a couple excellent hits.

And because he is Emilio he had to make sure to slide when crossing home!  His team won handily which gives us high hopes for the season.
After the game was over we were very hungry so we tried out a new ‘seafood’ restaurant that has opened near us. It wasn’t so much a seafood restaurant as a Mexican restaurant with lots of seafood on the menu. I had some excellent grilled shrimp however.

After dinner we had just enough time to swing by the mall so I could buy Emily’s birthday gift for her party. They postponed a week because of rain so it overlapped with Spring Sports Season. Carters and Gymboree were both having good sales and I got several adorable outfits with coordinating shoes of course. We didn’t feel bad not giving her toys since she has plenty AND we gave her shoes which we know she loves.

Saturday was a L O N G day……Giulianna started her first kickball game at 11 am then Lilly at 2, Giuli again at 3 and Lilly at 4. Add to that Emily’s birthday party which started at 4 and plans to go out for dinner and…….yikes!
4 year old kickball is hysterical! In general no one has a clue about what is happening but they are so darn cute! Giuli is playing for the Bluebonnets and at this age they don’t keep score or have outs. Everyone kicks and everyone runs. Hopefully in the correct direction……..but not always…..lol!
Giuli was most interested in playing in the dirt while in the field. (No surprise there) The coach told her that she needed to pay attention and Giuli said “I just want to run”……lol.
During the break between games we came home to pick up the awning to provide some shade and also stopped to sign up at a new gym opening close to home. We are pretty excited to have one that we don’t have to drive back into town for. Then back to the fields for more games.
Lilly had a very bad case of bronchitis last week so there was some concern about how she would do but she played well and managed to make it through both games. We got the awning all set up and almost the entire family was in attendance.
Giuli and David ran around playing with everyone and fighting over the one child sized chair.

By late afternoon the entire schedule was quite behind so they ended up playing Lilly and Giuli’s last games at the same time. Thank goodness so we could get to Emily’s party only an hour and a half late.

We got to Emily’s party and found the bbq going and a gigantic inflatable in the yard entertaining all the kids.

Popo even got into the bouncy house with Emilio and Emily.

We couldn’t stay too long since we had plans that evening but we got to say hello to everyone before departing.

The best thing about my newly very short hair is that I could spend all day in that horrible wind, come home and run a comb through it and it looked fine! Amazing! Susan got to the house about 7 and brought with her Pecan Pie Whisky which is amazing! We had a few shots before heading out for dinner.

Since I won the contest I got to pick where we went and I honestly couldn’t decide. Especially since it was sooooo windy. Edward finally suggest Landrys which is always a good solid choice…..I do love their shrimp embrochette! And they have a full bar. Win!
We had a very nice time and ate lots of very good food. Ohhhhhh so much food and of course it wouldn’t be complete without drinks. 🙂

We had an excellent evening with lots of laughs. Now I just have to get back in gear for the second quarter. I want to win again!!!!!

Saturday was also the birthday party for Ryan and it looks like they had a lot of fun! What a little cutiepie!


Thank goodness Sunday was slightly less busy. But after breakfast, working out, buying groceries, doing laundry and prepping for the week the day was done. Now we are heading into another ultra stressful week.

I have made it through 12,000 rounds of layoffs….I wish that were an exaggeration but it isn’t. And without any rhymn or reason to when they happen and to who it’s like living on death row. You just never know when the time will come. And since I am reasonably new in my department I am certainly on the bubble.   That is just the reality.

The worst part is that this isn’t unique to us….it’s happening to companies all over the place and it’s awful. I’ve never rooted for gas prices to sky rocket so much. It is enough to make me lose my appetite and while I am trying to keep it in persective (Things always work out for the best) it’s hard. We have lived on unemployment before and made it but it’s not much fun. (Although my house was clean so there is that up side I guess and lots of time to work out!  )
If I make it through Thursday at least Friday is a paid holiday! Yippie for long weekends!
So I guess I will wish everyone a good week.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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