I Think We Can Start Complaining About The Rain Now

rainWe had another rainy, rainy day on Saturday…….ugh……….I am so tired of mud!!!! The good news is

1. There should be more water in our lakes and

2. Since it was Saturday we didn’t have to go out anyplace in it.

It was kind of nice to sit inside watching Saturday morning cowboy shows and look at the rain pouring down outside. Certainly better than driving outside in it.

Since it was a little cooler I opened the kitchen window to move some air and smelled the most wonderful fragrance. Our orange trees are in bloom! We didn’t get any blossoms last year because it was too dry but this year the trees are full. They are literally buzzing with bees.

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In the spring I really miss lilacs but the orange blossoms help even if you can’t cut them and bring them inside.

IMG_7808We did get a lot of stuff done around the house. It’s always an awesome feeling to head into the week with stuff actually caught up and food prepped for the week.

The sun did actually come out late on Sunday afternoon just in time for everyone to go back to work. Including me…….boooooo. I sure hope next weekend is nicer. My vitamin D is feeling pretty low.

We did find out this weekend that Derrick, Amanda and Ryan will be back for a short visit in early June which is great news! They will also be back for Garner week. We had already extended our visit, planning to go up Tuesday evening and stay through Sunday but now we are thinking about extending to the whole week. I’m not sure if we will or not but I am excited to have Baby Ryan there this year! He got his birthday gift over the weekend from us and they love it. We sent a big box of clothes for Gymboree including a whole swimsuit set. Bottoms, top and hat so he will be styling!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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