It’s Taken A Long Time

You know when you want something specific how it can take forever to find it? Well, we have been doing that. I wanted a specific wedding ring and I have looked and looked and looked without much success.

I have larger hands so I wanted something with a wide band so it didn’t get lost and there was of course a budget that had to be conformed too. (My lord the price of gold these days is crazy! And platinum? See “budget”. )
I went back and forth about white or yellow gold so much that I guess it really didn’t much matter. But it was the stone that made the search complicated….I wanted an emerald cut. Not a common stone or an inexpensive one darn it. If I had wanted a normal round, princess or even marquis I could have found what I was looking for a heart beat. But a rectangular stone? Not on your life.

But then a few weeks ago I hit the mother load and we found a vintage emerald cut in yellow gold that fit all of my requirements except for ring size…we had to have the band sized up a bit. I wasn’t sure about the baguette stones down the sides since I didn’t think they were my favorite but it easily fit all of the other wants so I took a chance.

It came in last weekend and I love it. Simply adore it. It is seriously stunning. shiney and exactly perfect! And the stone has so much sparkle. It’s been hard to get a good picture of but I tried.



IMG_7805 The good stuff is worth waiting for!

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