Gotta Love Spring Break Weather……

As it is almost every single year Spring Break has arrived in Texas along with cloudy skies, intermittent rain and all around yuck.  It almost makes me feel bad for all the people on vacation this week……..almost……!  Honestly I can’t imagine why they haven’t decided to move spring break back another week or two when there might be a better shot a warm weather.

Last week there were only a couple of days that were nice enough for the beach and it looks like it might be the same this week.  Oh well, the water temperatures are only in the mid 50’s which is too cold in my opinion to be in the water anyway.  Another couple of months and it will be perfect!

I was hurting pretty badly last night after our 4 mile walk. My knees were screaming angry at me, even sleeping was tough because every time I moved they woke me up. But after a couple of Aleve this morning and moving around things started to feel better. I even did 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight! I might just get in shape yet!

Over the weekend I bought Rudi a new toy, a laser pointer. She thinks it is awesome! Of course Rascal loves it too so the two of them spend hours chasing it around the house. When Edward it done playing he makes the laser go ‘out the garage door’ and Rudi stands at the door and cries. Mommacat and Spooky think the laser is stupid but the other two are thrilled with it.

Bedtime! Have a great Tuesday!

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