Rain Rain Go Away…….

I weathermen keep saying that sun will come out but another day and it’s just more clouds and even worse on occasion some drizzle.  It’s been yucky for at least a week now and I’m ready for some sunshine.  But I did see some bluebonnets on my way home from work so I guess spring will show up pretty soon!

My feet were so cold when I went to bed last night that they kept cramping up. I could not get them warm……I hate cold feet! Even with Mommacat on one side of me and Rudi firmly on the other I was still freezing.


Edward says we should have named Rudi “Alarm Clock” instead because the instant the alarm goes off she leaps onto the bed and gets right in your face and starts to meow as though she is saying…..Wakey wakey time for eggs and bakey. And lord help you if you hit the snooze. She really hates that! You should have seen her this morning when I hit the snooze 3 times……lol.

Rudi has been on a terror these last few days picking fights with Rascal. Well, to be fair she isn’t really picking fights as much as wanting to play fight. She does the same thing with Mommacat and it usually ends up with them chasing each other around the house until Momma gets tired and she gives Rudi a smack. Ahhhh but Rascal……He is too much of a chicken to fight back so it usually ends up with him on his back and Rudi on top of him. I’m spending half the night chasing her away from him. Edward and I have tried to explain to rascal If he would just fight back she would leave him alone but he won’t. And Spooky waits for the moment when she can attack! She still hates Rudi!bayfront
It’s almost Friday……….Hang in there!

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