Rainy Days & A Time Change

Makes for a pretty blah weekend………
And somehow getting robbed out of one hour of the weekend doesn’t really seem at all fair. Especially since we aren’t getting it back until November which seems like a little long to wait.

It was a good weekend for doing housework, finishing up the laundry, working on some projects, watching movies, snuggling and bailing out the garage………..

Yeah that one wasn’t fun. For whatever reason our washing machine on Saturday afternoon decided to not register when it was full of water and kept filling. And filling. And filling until we noticed. The only good thing was the garage was basically clean but nothing says YAY WEEKEND like pushing water our of your garage with the one you love. And we only had one slip and fall and it wasn’t me! Today the garage floor is all dry and sparking clean so there is that. And there are some sore muscles and bruises to go along with it.
More rain again today but with a little luck it will dry out and maybe just warm up later in the week. I’m so ready for some nice toasty warm weather. And I’m really hoping we won’t got from 50 degree days to 90 degree days over night. A few weeks in the 70’s would be awesome.

Off to bed what feels like way to early to get tomorrow started WAAAAAYYYYY too early. Nothings says Happy Monday like driving to work in the pitch black darkness again.

Have a good week.

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