Laundry Laundry Everywhere

I did Laundry on Saturday evening and again on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon Edward walked out of the bedroom and pronounced that it didn’t look like I had done any……


The ‘problem’ is that since I have lost weight I needed to wash a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t worn in a while so I could start wearing them again.  And apparently I have a lot of clothes…….a whole lot.  A crazy lot.  I had NO idea I had so many short sleeve t-shirts (Any idea why I have 7 v-neck short sleever navy shirts??????)  and I have sooooo many pairs of jean.  Most of which fit me now and some that will fit me in a few pounds.  Apparently instead of losing weight I just kept buying new jeans.  At least I wear them for work every day so that do get used.

I’ll be good on clothes for another 20 lbs or so but after that I’m going to be in trouble until I finally fit into my size 10’s again.  Fortunately it will be warm/hot weather so those clothes are less expensive.  And I definitely will need some new swimsuits.  My old ones are completely worn out so even if I weighed the same as last summer I would have to buy new ones.  Ugh……….

And bras……..I’m about ready to drop a band size in those too and when you wear bras my size they are expensive investments.


I washed clothes all day Sunday and did several new loads on Tuesday afternoon after we got home from the doctor.  But I did finally manage to get it all washed! Finally even managed to get it all dried and put away.  I thought Edward was going to have a coronary……lol.  But I had to wash some of his old clothes too.

It’s sure nice to have it done!  And it’s sure nice to have more options in clothes.

Have a great day!

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