We Couldn’t Have Had A Better Valentine’s Day


I hope everyone had a wonderful, romantic and special weekend.  I know that we did!

We got out of town about 3 pm on Friday afternoon and had a pleasant drive up to hill country even if I was pretty tired.  It had been a long week.  But we took the time to stop for dinner and to pick up a few groceries.   One good thing about being on a diet was the bill at HEB was MUCH smaller than it usually is!.  We got to the cabin about 7:30 just in time to unpack and unwind before bed.  The stars sure were bright and clear and we took some time to look at the stars while Edward pointed out some constellations.

But we didn’t stay up too late and were ready to snuggle in bed.  Here is a picture of our ‘love nest’…….lol.


Saturday morning I woke up just as the sun was starting to come up and I could tell even from bed that the sunrise would be a nice one so I slipped out of bed, pulled on a robe and grabbed my camera.  It was a pretty sunrise and worth freezing my feet and every other part of my body to get a few nice photographs.


But it sure felt good to snuggle back into bed and warm up with my honey.  We finally get out of bed to start some breakfast going to be a nice day.  ???????????????????????????????

We exchanged cards and gifts on the deck in the morning sunshine.  I’m buying Edward his fishing license and Edward bought me a replacement apple & snake pendant and chain to replace the one I had lost.  In fact he bought me a new pendant AND another backup one just in case!  I had been so heartbroken when I lost my old one.  I feel like me again to have it back!  We hung out on the deck for a while just enjoying the morning……even if we played around on the internet it was so nice to get to do it outside in the cool air while listening to the birds.  IMG_7564IMG_7497After breakfast we headed out for a nice two mile walk in the countryside.  I was a little nervous…..my knees have been giving me serious issues since November and I had decided not to start using the treadmill in January to give them a little more time to heal and to lose some weight so there would be less stress on them.   But I walked two miles without any issues and while there were a little sore it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.  So it looks like it’s time for me to get on the treadmill!


I did have one pretty gratifying moment Saturday morning.  At the last minute Friday morning I decided to throw a pair of shorts in my suitcase.  I grabbed a pair of denim shorts from my drawer….the one’s I knew fit last year and would most likely be generously sized on me.  On Saturday morning when I went to put them on I discovered to my horror that they were not the overly sized baggy shorts but a pair of shorts that I know didn’t fit me last year.  But I pulled them on only to discover that not only did they kind of fit me, they totally fit me.  Alleluia!!!!!

After showering we decided to go for a drive.  A co-worker had told me about a restaurant in Tarpley, TX called Mac & Ernies.  Neither of us had been to Tarpley before and it was a pretty drive on the way there.  Lots of curves and hills and views.


Mac and Ernie’s was a very fun place. Their lunch menu is pretty typical food but there night menu is far more gourmet. It looked delicious. Next trip we plan to go and eat there again!  After that we finished the drive to Bandera and took a look.  We have decided to go and spend some time up there.

We found a pretty little creek and took a few pictures before heading home.



All too soon it was time to go back to the cabin to get ready for our big dinner at Laurel Tree. It completely lived up to our expectations.  The lights were low, flowers and candles all around…..the perfect place for a romantic dinner and the best part was that there was no waiting for a table!  Our favorite art of the meal was dessert (I know SURPRISE right?!?)

The only thing that made me sad about this trip was that it was dark when we arrived so there wasn’t time to enjoy the grounds.  But I’m going to suggest another trip for our anniversary so we can enjoy the grounds fully.  But this trip was exactly what we needed.


Chocolate Crème Brule…..AMAZING


Shrimp with crab in a cream wine sauce.


Appetizer salami shaped like a heart….awwwww.

IMG_7556 IMG_7555 IMG_7558 And Edward took a picture of me at dinner that I didn’t hate!  The first picture in ages!  I know I’m sure not skinny yet but at least I’m heading in the right direction at long long last!!!!!

We went home full and filled with romance.  Sunday morning we didn’t wake up until 10:30!  That’s crazy for us when we are out of town.  But we didn’t have any real lace.  Eat breakfast, take another walk and get ready to go home.  But just as we were getting ready to leave on our walk it started to rain.  So scratch walking off the list.  We took our time packing up and driving home finally getting to the house about 5 pm.

So that’s it.  It was a really wonderful trip and I hate to see it end.  But even when the trip ends we still have life together!  I can’t ask for more.IMG_7547

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One thought on “We Couldn’t Have Had A Better Valentine’s Day

  1. Kicky

    You both look wonderful!!! xoxo

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