Happy Groundhog Day!

And we hear that it will be an early spring here in the south……lol. It’s almost always an early spring here in the south.photo (30)

It was a cold and chilly day so I tried my hand at chicken tortilla soup. I love it but hadn’t ever made it and I think it turned out pretty good. Thank goodness because we have a ton of soup left. I’m putting a good size batch in the freezer for a quick meal some other night. Mmmmmmmmm

Then I spent the evening helping Edward try to find some dress pants that didn’t make him look like a clown….lol. Cracks me up that he can lose 10 lbs and see such a difference in his clothes. He had one pair of pants he can pull off without unbuttoning.

For me I see the weight loss in my face mostly–so here is a picture month over month.
I’m pretty happy.  I can see a change in how my jeans fit so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have some pants that are too big too.  Fingers crossed.

It’s an early morning tomorrow so it’s time for bed to go and snuggle!  Have a great Tuesday!

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One thought on “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. Kicky

    Congrats, you two!!!! Go, go, go!!!

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