I Hate Winter

f56d8bf27d356124ce1603e596a1ac2eI know it isn’t a news flash……but I really am not a fan of this cold weather and over the weekend we had HUGE cold along with drizzle and wind.  It was brutal and we were very happy that we could spend all of Saturday in the house keeping warm with a nice pot of soup, some cake and Mexican hot chocolate.  Yummy.

As always the cats kept us amused and we knocked out several more episodes of the TV series we are watching and several movies.  Really not much else to do is yucky weather like that.

Sunday the skies cleared and the sun put in a return appearance just in time for the bridal fair and football!   Susan and I went to the bridal fair at the American Bank Center and I felt sorry for how many men were dragged their obviously by their brides to be.  Some wearing Dallas jerseys.

IMG_7292 IMG_7293We got to sample lots of cake and appetizers and gathered lots of good data.  Then we headed home for the heatbreaking end of the Dallas game.

IMG_7297Here are a few pictures of how the grandkids felt about the end of the game.

IMG_7296 IMG_7295

At least we have the Hooks baseball opener to look forward to on April 16th!  🙂  Well and Valentine’s weekend.  After the game ended we also fit in a movie so we can say we did something this weekend!

Have a great Monday!!

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