Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

newyear_oAnother year has flown by…….they just keep seem to be going faster and faster.  All in all 2014 was a fine year–we gained another grandson, had some nice trips, spent lots of time together and nothing terrible happened.  🙂

IMG_7082Certainly having  Rachel here for Christmas was a highlight!  It was so nice for her to get to really meet everyone and get to know them.  Of course Lilly loved her!

As I have mentioned before I’m not a big New Years Eve fan but I am a huge fan of New Years Day!  After 6 weeks of running around it was a treat to snuggle in for movies last night out of the cold and drizzle, drink some champagne at midnight, sleep in and go back to movies all day today.  Pretty much perfect!

IMG_7041Spooky is finally recovering from her broken leg.  She ripped the cast off after only a few days but is healing nicely.  We have started letting her out in the backyard the last couple of days and she is very, very, happy about that.  Breaking her leg has changed her a little.  Now she sleeps with us every single night.  She never did that before–every night when I go to bed she comes right up and lays next to me.

IMG_7202Rudy is finally over the hump from her spaying surgery.  Since she was in heat when it was done she seemed to have a little more difficult recovery but she is finally getting back to acting like a kitten. (and by kitten I mean doing things she isn’t supposed to be like attaching ornaments on the Christmas Tree) On New Years Eve I was so happy we got her in time—if we hadn’t taken her in a month ago she would have been out on the streets in this cold….hungry and certainly pregnant and she is just a baby herself. She is such a sweet kitten, I can’t imagine anyone dumping her.  And she and Mommacat are reaching an understanding.  The growling and hissing has decreased a lot the last few days. Sometimes they will even sleep close to each other.

Edward and I will both be back at work tomorrow….or maybe I should say ‘work’ since neither of us plan to do much.  Soon enough we will be home for a fun filled weekend of deChristmasing  the house.

May 2015 be filled with all wonderful things!


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