Well This Isn’t What I Asked Santa For………

About 4 am Monday morning Spooky and Momma wanted to go outside and let them go.  When I went to the kitchen at 6 am Spooky was at the door waiting and as soon as I opened it I knew there was something wrong.  She saw the new kitty and started making the growling noises that Rascal makes when he is hurt.  Then she took off to the bedroom on three legs.

I let her go hoping it wasn’t anything major.  Over the next few days she came out a couple times and let me look at her leg and it was obviously swollen.  By today it wasn’t any better and I knew we had to take her to the vet to have it looked at.  And not the cheap vet either…….the one with the emergency room and x-ray machines.

Sigh……..so instead of carrying over some vacation days I put in to be paid out for the two days I had left.

To say that Spooky wasn’t amused to be at the doctor was an understatement. I’m pretty sure she was busy plotting my demise. On the bright side even hurt she is about 100X more cooperative than Rascal who is the worst patient ever.

After a checkover the doctor decided x-rays were in order. Thankfully Spooky cooperated and didn’t need sedation and came out with the diagnosis of a break.
So she got to have a nice dose of sedation and came out with a soft cast on her leg that needs to stay on for 3 weeks. They loaded her back in her kennel…..took all my hard earned money……put the kennel in the truck and sent me on my way.IMG_6920

Spooky started to wake up about half way home and she went from hostile and angry to completely pissed off. She kept fighting with her bandaged foot and we had to keep her wrapped in a towel and petting her to calm her down. Edward couldn’t move a muscle or she would start growling again. It was a long three hours until she finally fell asleep.
I hope she wakes up in a little bit better mood—and I hope she heals quickly.

On the bright side Rachel flies in tomorrow afternoon and has promised to be Spooky’s personal nurse. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Well This Isn’t What I Asked Santa For………

  1. Kicky

    Awwwww… Willie and Waylon send purrs and fast healing vibes to Spooky! Poor baby. Wonder what happened to her!

    • Thank you! I suspect she got it caught in a gap in the fence–that is the only thing that makes sense. She is starting to move around a bit but is so sad and depressed. I feel bad for her.

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