Introducing The New Member Of The Pride

A couple of weeks ago Edward came home and found a little orange and black kitty on our doorstep. It ran away

But last weekend it came around again. And after I saw how little and skinny it was I had to take it in and try to find it a good home. Unfortunately it seems like that good home is at our house.

Flea treatments and antibiotics and Rudy is starting has become a full of life tornado.

We still aren’t sure if it is a boy or a girl but we have named it Rudy because like Rudolph the other cats won’t let him play reindeer games.


Mommacat is ok with Rudy as long as he stays out of her face but Spooky is still beyond furious at the new interloper. Lucky for Rudy he is too young and stupid to be bothered by open hostility. But we are making progress.

Of course having a kitten is reminding us how much work they are. I found myself yelling…….no you can’t play with baby Jesus…..more than once this last weekend.

And we have had a number of ornaments liberated from our tree.

But what a sweet little snuggler this kitty is. He really loves Edward and snuggles with him every night.


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One thought on “Introducing The New Member Of The Pride

  1. Kicky

    Ut oh. Have you been wearing the Tshirt I got you? No reason for asking….

    Really, though. Rudy is Adorable!

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